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Our Lady of Almudena Day, November 9. Names for girls

Our Lady of Almudena Day, November 9. Names for girls

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Almudena is a name for a girl of Arabic origin that means 'wall', which advances something of the strength of character that this beautiful, sonorous and forceful name prints. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange or old-fashioned, but very familiar and with a touch of sensitivity like few others. Celebrate your name day On the 9th of november, what is the day of Our Lady of Almudena.

Due to the meaning of her name, Almudena has an overwhelming personality, full of vitality and energy. His success in social relationships is based on his kindness and wit. Furthermore, Almudena is a self-confident person with an entrepreneurial character and alert intelligence.

The name Almudena sticks to the Spanish-speaking sphere, since it is a name of Arabic origin but that is formed in the Iberian Peninsula. It is a name that has always enjoyed popularity due to religious tradition and that in recent times is gaining in frequency due to this trend of revitalizing traditional names.

It is a long name that, how could it be otherwise, has some diminutives such as Almu, Dena, Alna, Almi or Deni. Which one do you like the most?

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know Almudena's weight in Hispanic culture. The Virgen de la Almudena is the patron saint of Madrid, where it has one of the most beautiful cathedrals and its legend links with the history of the reconquest and with the figure of the Cid Campeador.

But we also know many charismatic women named Almudena, especially in the world of letters, which shows your creative side. For example, the popular writer Almudena Grandes. Also in the world of journalism, like the reporter Almudena Ariza, and even, in the world of sports, with the gymnast Almudena Cid.

November 9 is a big day for the citizens of Madrid because, as we have explained previously, she is the patron saint of the Community of Madrid. In addition, outside of this region there are many girls called Almudenas, so the festival extends to many other places.

And, although it is how we say the great day for girls called like that, we must not forget that on this date, according to the saints of the Catholic Church, other onomastics are also celebrated. Take note!

  • Saint Agrippino of Naples
  • Saint Eustolia of Constantinople
  • Saint George of Lodève
  • Saint Monaldo of Istria
  • Saint Orestes of Cappadocia
  • Saint Sopatra of Constantinople
  • Saint Ursino of Bourges
  • Saint Viton of Verdun

And if what we have told you so far has made you want to know more about Almudena, in this section we want to tell you what numerology says about this name of Arabic origin. To do this, you just have to add the numbers that correspond to each of the letters, A (1), L (3), M (4), U (3), D (4), E (5), N ( 5), A (1), until a single digit remains (6 + 10 + 10 = 26 = 8).

Positive traits
They are very, very, very active girls in every way. Physically, we are before some little ones that can not last more than 10 seconds in the chair, they have to be moving and doing things all the time! And this also happens in the most intellectual facet. Always looking for things to learn or discover. Are they scientists?

Negative traits
Yes, they are very lively and very funny at times, but also extremely stubborn. They do not like to make mistakes and that things do not turn out the way they had in mind, so it is not surprising that they throw tantrums over insignificant things. They have a low tolerance for frustration.

If you always wanted to give your daughter a name that begins with the letter A, Almudena is very appropriate, but if you want to have more options because you or your partner doubts, here is a list of names for baby girls that begin with the first letter of the alphabet! Which of them do you prefer?

  • Abigail. This name of Hebrew origin means that which gives joy. Long considered an outdated name, Abigail has come back into fashion in the times times. It arrives with force and ... it is not for less! Abigail was David's wife in the Old Testament, famous for her beauty and wisdom.
  • April. Without a doubt we are facing an ideal name for girls who are born in spring or in the fourth month of the year, just when the leaves of the field begin to bloom. It is a modern name that is also used as a surname.
  • Adele. To find its origin we have to go to German lands. There we discover its meaning: noble and light and comes from the masculine Adolfo. It has a long history, there is Saint Adele (Quebec City, in Canada) and the name of the daughter of William the Conqueror. In recent decades, it has grown in popularity thanks to singer Adele.
  • Alexandra. This feminine form of Alexander means defender of humanity. Elegant yet strong-sounding, it lends itself to a number of equally endearing nicknames, from the sympathetic Lexi to the boyish Alex. It is a very common name in Russian literature and runs throughout the works of Dostoevsky and Chekhov.
  • Alicia. Without a doubt, this name of Greek origin owes all its popularity to the work 'Alice in Wonderland', by Lewis Carol and to the different cinematographic versions that have been made of this text. It means real or real woman.
  • Amelia. It arises from the combination of two medieval names, Emilia and Amalia, and means a hard-working person. It is a Germanic name that evokes romantic places and, although it is not as popular as Sofia, it is gaining more followers every year.
  • Andrea. Of Greek origin, his male version is Andrés. It is related to girls of great strength, not so much physical but spiritual. His saint is November 30.

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