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The distrustful king. Short stories for children about mistrust

The distrustful king. Short stories for children about mistrust

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What does it mean to distrust someone? The short stories They help us explain certain concepts to children. In this case, the story of 'The Mistrustful King' speaks, indeed, of mistrust and conflict resolution. Along with this story you will find some reading comprehension questions and a proposal for different activities to enjoy after reading the story.

Every night when he went to sleep the king would take off his crown, I kept it in a drawer in a closet of his bedroom and locked it. Then he would hide that key in another drawer in an adjoining room; so for many years.

One morning, as usual, he went to find the key to open the drawer where he kept the crown, but did not find it. He took out everything that was in that drawer, looked and looked, dumped everything on the carpet; but the key did not appear. He immediately went to his bedroom, opened the closet, and saw that the drawer of the crown remained closed and after a few minutes of struggle he could not open it.

He began to walk around the entire palace, nervous, and when he saw his daughter, Princess Amalia, he said:

- I've been robbed! They think I'm stupid!

- What's wrong father? Who has robbed you? - Amalia asked him, noting that he was not wearing the crown.

- Nothing! - He answered walking away from her.

Amalia was perplexed as she watched her father go babbling away.

In a little while he saw him pacing again, even more nervous and very worried.

- What's wrong father? Who has robbed you? she asked him again.

- I thought I was not going to find out! - he exclaimed.

- Who father? Of whom you speak?

- Matthew! - scream.

- Mateoooo? - Amalia also shouted, incredulous.

- Mateo has been serving in the palace for many years. I do not think so! - He answered the king, defending the servant.

- Let's go to the room! - He said heading there.

Indeed the key did not appear, so it was decided to the king's bedroom.

- I'm going to pick the lock! - He warned his father opening the closet doors.

As Amalia was very skilled, in just a few minutes she managed to open the drawer with the point of a sharp knife.

- Here is your crown! - He exclaimed, taking it out of the drawer and offering it to the king.

The man couldn't believe it: the crown was in the drawer where he had left it the night before.

- How could you have mistrusted Mateo? I hope it does not reach your ears, it would be very upset - he said.

The king lowered his head and kept thinking about how strange what had happened.

Then Amalia went to the next room and began to search for the key, carefully removing all the furniture.

- Look! - He pointed to the ground, catching the key that was sticking out from under the rug. Then the king felt very ashamed.

He went out for a walk through the palace with the crown on his head and promised never to mistrust anyone, and even less, his beloved Mateo.

If you liked the story, below we propose some reading comprehension questions. These will help you to know if your child has been very attentive while you read the story. In case you don't know any of the answers, you can re-read the story as many times as you want.

1. How and where did the king keep his crown every day?

2. Why was the king so angry?

3. Who did you think had stolen your beloved crown?

4. How was the matter resolved? Did they find the crown again?

5. Was it Mateo who had robbed him?

6. How did the king react? Was he proud or did he acknowledge his mistake?

Proposing activities based on a story that you have read is an educational resource that amuses children a lot. It's a great way to continue working on what you have learned from the story and, at the same time, have fun with your family. For this reason, below we propose some simple activities that you can carry out after reading the story.

- Talk about trust and mistrust
This story talks about the people we trust and why, at certain times, we can stop trusting them. To talk to your child about this, you can ask questions like: What does it mean to trust someone? Who do you trust? What can take someone to stop trusting other people?

It is important that our children know, from a very young age, that they can trust us and tell us about everything that happens to them. They should know that we will be there to help them, without judging them, whenever they need it.

- Draw a picture of the story
You can take advantage of the story to illustrate it together. Use paints and markers to draw the angry king looking for his crown. But you can also use other more original materials such as tempera or watercolors. You can even make tampons with a simple figure (like the crown, for example) using a potato or a piece of cardboard.

- A play about this story
What if you organize a theater play about history? Make your own costumes and stage, learn the dialogue ... and enjoy!

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