Why am I going to give my son's teachers a Christmas present?

Why am I going to give my son's teachers a Christmas present?

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Christmas comes earlier each year, and with it the gifts: those made by the Magi, the invisible friends, the Christmas details to the teachers ... Here is the last point that the controversy arises. It's creating a WhatsApp group to see if the rest of the parents in your children's class want to give the teacher a gift before the Christmas holidays. I have decided that this year I am going to give a Christmas gift to my children's teachers. The how and why I will tell you below.

Some say that giving a gift to teachers in the middle or end of the course is not good at all. It's like giving an award for doing your job well when we already know very well that they (and anyone else in their work) has to give the best of themselves. On the other hand, there are those who affirm that there is nothing wrong with giving something to the tutor for Christmas because it is a small detail made with the best of intentions. Are there not bosses who give their employees a Christmas basket or a gift box of those that are so fashionable now? Why can't we as parents do the same with our children's teachers?

This that each one thinks one thing is something that you already know very well, and if not, you just have to take a look at the hundreds of messages that you probably have in your mobile chat. Someone says 'should we give the teacher something for Christmas?' several (or rather 'several' because mothers are almost always in the groups) say that of course they do, as many other mothers say that they do not think it is good at all and the discussion is more than served.

What usually happens next? Well, those who say they don't want to give away end up giving in so as not to create controversy and not to feel bad when they come across the rest of the mothers at the school door. So that 'gift' ends up being made out of commitment rather than affection. Something that, not at all, was what was intended, right? You will agree with me that it is very difficult to get out of the 'herd' and do what you want. This Christmas I'm going to try it, and we'll see what its fruits are.

From my point of view, gifts must come from the heart. No WhatsApp groups in which things are taken out of context and, of course, no engagement gift. I want to give a small gift to my son's teacher for the Christmas holidays, because I have a lot of affection for her and because I feel like it. And I can't think of better arguments.

So I'm going to do the following:

- First, I will write to the class group that our gift will be personal and that if someone else wants to participate, they will be welcome. Thus, I avoid looking bad with anyone.

- The second thing I'm going to do is talk to my son to think of a craft for his teacher. I do not have them all with me that he says yes the first time, and of course I will not force him, but I will propose it in the following way.

It is at Christmas when we usually give a gift to loved ones: friends, family, neighbors, etc. And also teachers. Last year we made some very nice Christmas cards to send to friends, why don't we prepare something similar for the teacher this time too?

It is clear to me that neither now at Christmas nor at the end of the course I am going to give to any teacher of my son, or my daughter when I go to school next year, because others do. This year, I will say so whenever necessary, Christmas gifts are going to be lovingly handcrafted to remind my son of the importance of personal details (and also saving money). And above all and most importantly, to do it with the greatest of illusions.

And you? Are you going to give a Christmas present to your children's teachers?

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