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The special Christmas gift from a mother to her children that you will copy

The special Christmas gift from a mother to her children that you will copy

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'For the sake of my children.' This is what has led a mother to rethink what her little ones' Christmas gifts would be this year. Consoles? Videogames like Fornite? Remote control cars? The latest generation mobile? No, she wanted something different and, above all, something that would last in time (if possible 12 months of the year, 365 days) and that will be marked in the hearts of her offspring. And this is how he has replaced the ostentatious presents with a special Christmas gift for your children that you will also want for yours.

Hayley Parker no longer gives her children expensive gifts on Christmas Day and instead offers her two children 'the gift of time'. Daisy and Freddie, eight and four years old respectively, would wake up on December 25 with endless piles of gifts until last year Hayley ended this habit in a radical way.

Each of the two young men received a letter explaining that they had been given time to spend together as a family. The only condition that was put on them was that during that time there should be no interference due to work, the use of a mobile phone or any type of electronic device and, of course, no distractions that could ruin that moment.

Explaining her decision, this British mother says: 'While I was thinking about what to give the children for next Christmas, the image came to me of them opening presents under the Christmas tree and I felt that they already had a lot of toys and that if I continued like this and repeated my behavior again, I would buy things for the simple fact of doing it !!! '

Hayley came up with the idea after seeing an Instagram post that read: 'Fill your life with adventure, not stuff. Have stories to tell, not things to show. ' It was then that this woman realized that she wanted to create unforgettable memories and, honestly, she has no regrets! And that's how 'A Year of Adventures' was invented so that your children had something new to experience every month.

This nursery nurse showed her little 12 envelopes, one for each month, in a box containing information about a different family day (in some cases, in addition to four of them, uncles, grandparents, and uncles were invited to participate in this experience. / or grandmothers). Throughout the year, Daisy and Freddie were opening an envelope at the beginning of each month to find out what was waiting for them.

And so that these moments remain in the heart, but also in everyone's memory, after each outing, this woman created a small photo montage so everyone could see what they had done together. Hayley admits to being satisfied with this decision because it brings her closer to her family and feels that they are more united than ever.

If you are also thinking of creating a whole year of adventures for your children, but you do not know very well what to wear or what to give them each month of the year, 'here are a few ideas!

- January
In winter it is very cold in the street, so there is nothing like staying home and organizing themed film sessions: some days it can be animated titles, others scary, some comedies ... In variety is the taste ...

- February
Experts say that it is the month of love, which is why Valentine's Day is celebrated, so we take advantage of these 28 days (29 if it is leap) to tell each of the family members how we feel about them.

- March
Spring is about to begin and the field is full of flowers about to burst. There is no excuse: we have to go out to the field with the tortilla sandwich, the soccer ball, the rope and other tools that allow us to spend an unforgettable day with the family.

- April
In the fourth month of the year, International Book Day is celebrated, so we suggest that you organize a day and even a literary weekend in which everyone talks about a book they liked and you discuss them. Some, the most creative, can also capture their own story in a notebook or on white sheets.

- May
Who is hungry? Children really enjoy doing grown-up things like cooking. What if we show them Grandma's recipes and teach them how to make delicious lentil burgers, eggplant meatballs or banana custard?

- June
This month, take to the streets! For a better physical and psychological state, experts recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising. Get your bike ready, put on your skates and clean your scooter because everything will go smoothly.

- July
During the month of July, the days are longer. A great plan can be to enjoy the sunset in the place where you are on vacation: beach, city, country, mountain ... And, when the sun has already set, observe the sky. How many shooting stars have you seen?

- August
Are you hot? It's time to cool off! A water pistol war, a water balloon battle, an excursion to the river in your city or town, a morning at the pool, a day at a water park, a visit to the beach ... It will be for opportunities!

- September
Charles Chaplin once said: 'Life is a play that does not allow rehearsals. So sing, laugh, dance, cry and live every moment of your life intensely before the curtain goes down and the play ends without applause. ' In addition to recording it in our minds, what if we practice this artistic discipline, either by attending a theatrical piece in your city or, also, by representing a fun play invented by you at home? Free entrance!

- October
The countdown to Halloween begins! So that this year does not catch you by surprise, you have the whole month of October to organize an unforgettable home party: you have to prepare the most terrifying decorations, the most horrifying costumes and the most eschatological recipes to make it a very scary day ... .

- November
And how about a walk through the countryside to enjoy the brown color of the landscape, while we play to see which family member collects the most acorns or chestnuts?

- December
Is there anything more fun and entertaining than spending an afternoon with the family playing Parcheesi, goose, dominoes, cards, chess, checkers, party, monopoly and other board games? You can take individual or pair tournaments, but always remembering that the objective is not to win but to have a pleasant time where there is no lack of laughter.

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