Traditional children's activities for siblings to play together

Traditional children's activities for siblings to play together

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If you have a brother or a sister, you will surely remember with great affection the hours you spent playing together as children. You couldn't wait to get home from school to spend the entire afternoon by his side doing this or that. And it is that childhood with a brother next to you is the most beautiful there is, don't you think? We rescue those endearing and fun Always-on activities for siblings to play together. We started!

If you have two children, surely one of your favorite moments of the day is watching them play together. These are times in which they entertain themselves and which you enjoy to the fullest. And hopefully those moments are prolonged in time, because they have a lot of benefits for them.

- A special bond is created between them that will last forever as well as a better relationship.

- These games are the perfect pastime, and no technology in sight!

- They promote their autonomy while learning to share and solve their problems.

- They develop creativity and let their great imagination fly.

Time to see a few games to share between siblings!

And after knowing the main advantages of siblings spending time together, we are going to give you ideas to make that moment even more fun. Surely more than one sounds familiar to you, because I've looked back and been inspired by games that I played with my brother!

Who laughs first loses
This game to do between siblings surely you already know it well. The two have to put their most serious face and try not to laugh at the world, the first one to do it loses the battle. Put the stopwatch on, they won't be able to take almost anything!

Rock, paper or scissors
The players hide their hand behind their back and at three they have to take out stone (closed fist), paper (outstretched hand) or scissors (scissor-shaped fingers). The stone beats the scissors, the scissors to the paper and this to the stone. Get ready because it will be impossible for you not to play too.

Even or odd
An ideal game for two brothers to make, have a great time and at the same time learn the concept of odd and even numbers. Each boy or girl puts their hands behind their back, when the signal is given, several fingers are taken out and it is said even or odd. The fingers of the two players are added and it is seen who has hit the odd or even number. The best of 5 wins!

Traditional board games
The board games that we have played in childhood are perfect for your children to have fun and have a good relationship. Parcheesi, goose, checkers, chess ... Choose one or the other depending on the ages of the children. They can't say no to you!

Three in stripes
It falls into the category of usual games, but you don't need a board, a paper and a pencil is enough. Draw the vertical and horizontal stripes on the sheet of paper. In turn, one child will mark the Xs and the other the Ys. Whoever has the complete line first wins. What fun!

Paint the silhouette
This game was taught to me by my nephews. They are two children and they always have good ideas when it comes to playing together. One of the children is put on the floor on a large piece of paper, it can also be done with chalk on a street wall. The idea is that the other brother reviews the entire silhouette. As we have done many times with the palm of the hand open, but with the whole body. Once the silhouette is ready, it is time to fill it with color. Imagination to the power!

Create a secret corner
Suggest to your children that they find a secret corner at home that only they can enter. That they decorate it to their liking and that they play there as much as they want. And not only that, but you have to make up a story to tell your brother or sister.

Search and find
One of the brothers hides an object around the room or around the house and the other has to look for it. While doing so, your partner has to say 'hot or cold' depending on whether he is far from the object or close. This game is sure to bring back great memories.

And to play in the street ...
When it comes to the two brothers spending some free time on the street playing together, the options seem endless. It can be proposed to them from soccer games to basketball, through races or hopscotch. They are entertaining and at the same time ideal for them to exercise. By the way, the activity before looking for and finding an object can also be done on the street, how about preparing it with a treasure map included? Your kids will all become explorers!

We love sibling games!

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