11 wonderful achievements of 4-year-olds that you will be amazed at

11 wonderful achievements of 4-year-olds that you will be amazed at

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Has your little one already turned 4 years old? Surely you have stopped to think more than once how fast it has grown, and it is that, there are many and very different skills with which children at this age surprise us every day. Let's make a list together with some of the achievements of 4-year-olds that are wonderfully amazing? I start the list and you add as many things as you want, it will serve as a guide and as the most beautiful of memories.

As we have already told you on other occasions, this list is a mere reference. There are boys and girls who show these skills at a very early age and there are others who take a little longer. It has no drawback, as with adults, each child has his own rhythm which must be respected. Just read it and be delighted by all the wonderful things that children do at 4 years old. We started!

1. Spends the day trying to do new things
You will agree with me that children are explorers from the moment they are born, but it is at 4 years that they spend the whole day trying to do new things to satisfy their immense curiosity and to run and move as much as they can. Ahead! The only limit you have to put on them is so they don't get hurt.

2. Play moms and dads
Playing dads and moms at home, at school or in the park is another activity that practically all children do at this age. Entertaining and a very important role change for them. If you stop to listen, they will surely say a phrase like: 'when I am a mother ...' or 'as I grow up I will not be a mother ...'

3. Makes pictures that fill the entire sheet
Last year, the drawings he made were dolls and small objects, now he has the ability and motivation to bring a whole sheet of imagination, color, and stories. It is no longer about painting a child here and a sun there, now the blank paper is filled with related drawings that tell a beautiful story. I lovingly keep the drawings that my little one made at 4 years old, I'm sure you will too!

4. Play with other children and do it as a team
Game afternoons in the park go a long way. Now that he's grown a little bit, your 4-year-old will love spending hours playing this and that with his friends. But they are no longer spontaneous things, now everything has to be planned to play as a team and that each one has their role. What fun!

5. Can write his name
There are children who at 4 years of age already know how to write their name next to their surnames in capital letters and in italics. And there are those who only know how to put their name with more or less correct letters. It does not matter at all, each child has his own rhythm, what I want to tell you is that at this age everyone recognizes his name well and knows how to put it on paper. How exiting!

6. When I grow up I want to be ...
Playing at saying 'when I grow up I want to be an astronaut, a police officer, a doctor ...' To change your mind the next day and say something totally different is ideal to let your imagination run wild and to think about tomorrow. And it is that playing with the future is another thing that 4-year-olds usually do and that of course is one of their favorites.

7. Is able to memorize a paragraph
It doesn't matter if it's a verse from your favorite song, the poem you've been shown at school, or that bit of the movie you've seen at home so many times. The fact is that at 4 years your mind is more than ready to memorize a whole paragraph. Haven't you heard your son say it yet? Ask him and he will leave you with your mouth open.

8. It's time to count from one to ten
Counting from one to ten forwards and backwards is something that no longer has any mystery for children of this age. What's more, they know how to recognize these numbers even if they see them separately and in different contexts. Perhaps a visit to the library to pick up a math book your age is an excellent reinforcement as well as good motivation.

9. You know how to use scissors!
Of course we are talking about scissors as a child and always next to an adult to avoid harm. What they usually learn around the age of 4 is to handle scissors and cut wide pieces of paper. How about making a collage as a family activity on the weekend? Your little one won't be able to say no to you!

10. Jump on the limp
Around the age of 4, children's physical abilities improve markedly. They run a lot and hardly get tired, they climb on all sides they can, they do the somersault (or at least they try), they climb all the slides, towers, swings ... without the help of mom or dad and they are also capable of hopping on the limp for a few minutes at a time. That is why they sleep so well at night afterwards, they end up exhausted!

11. Questions, questions and more questions
Tell me something, how many questions does your son ask you at the end of the day? I remember that when my little one was 4 years old he kept asking everything that went through his restless and curious mind. Now that he is close to turning 7 years old, they continue to do so, of course, that his questions have another level, like 'where does this come from', 'why is this like this and not otherwise' ... Did you know that all Do these questions help children's minds to develop in the best possible way? Encourage your child to make you the more the merrier!

Your turn, fill in the list with the things your 4-year-old does that you find adorable.

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