The role of friends to empower the pregnant woman before childbirth

The role of friends to empower the pregnant woman before childbirth

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My friend Carmen is going to be a mother, and since she is a mother who already catches our other friends with very old children, we feel that we are all pregnant. A wonderful feeling, again! And is that the role of friends is essential in empowering a pregnant woman before delivery and during the last moments of pregnancy.

The pregnant woman is a Goddess, who receives pampering, love, blessings ... Therefore, we have decided to celebrate and honor her path, her transition to motherhood, recovering the sense of the eternal, of the sacred, of feminine power, of gestate, give birth and raise, in a very different and special way. Taking into account that this will be the most transformative, intense and cathartic experience that she will live, it occurred to me to carry out something like a ritual to give her strength and energy for the moment that is coming, motherhood.

It's been 16 years since the birth of my son, and empowering pregnant women in anticipation of childbirth was, at that time, fashionable things from other countries ... However, now we are the ones who organize it for one of our friends. A challenge!

This is a ritual that seeks to honor the future mother. Only women from their closest environment can participate in it: friends, mother, sister, aunts, mother-in-law ... It is an event with spiritual overtones (if you wish), a meeting where all women go to provide emotional support for the final subtraction of pregnancy and future delivery. Therefore, the rites, prayers or blessings that are carried out, will have to do with: healing, creation, harmony and peace.

We start with this ritual ...

We welcome all the friends and tell a little about how the meeting will take place, which will basically consist of massages and caresses, tea and sweets to create a circle of good energy Through which we will make a gift of love to this friend.

In this party-ritual we can carry out different activities such as making symbolic gifts, lighting candles, carrying out prayers, combing the pregnant woman or massaging her, painting her tummy, or creating an amulet for the moment of childbirth. It all depends on what you and the protagonist of the meeting want, always remembering that the goal of everything is to make you feel at ease and emotionally ready for childbirth.

Between laughter and tears (in the most cinematographic style) we carry out the RED WIRE ritual ... Basically it consists in that through that red thread, all the women attending the ritual will connect with the pregnant woman through a bracelet that you will make with the thread, and you will not break it until the moment of delivery.

There are those who place the red thread on the left wrist and tie 7 knots that represent the wishes of the future mother (which you can also apply to your life): strength, courage, minimal pain, a lot of love, positive energy, happiness and a lot awareness for the present moment, for example.

On the day of delivery, the woman in labor will notify us to cut the red thread from our hands, and thus send you all the loving energy you need for that moment of opening to the new world of motherhood.

Between music, laughter and lots of love, the ritual-party flies by! It is an event to let creativity fly, sure you have an emotional and happy time. Put all your love and affection when planning the ritual and carrying it out, and I guarantee that no matter how little you do, success is guaranteed. It is a symbolic act that will help the pregnant woman feel emotionally supported to give birth to her little one, a magical moment that will be unique. It is a very beautiful way to empower her and give her all the support she may need throughout the process.

Ah! And don't forget to take a lot of photos. Pictures can be a nice gift for the mother when the baby is born.

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