6 funny rhyming animal poems that will make kids laugh

6 funny rhyming animal poems that will make kids laugh

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There are few things more magical than children's laughter. Heals any wound from adults, right? These rhyming animal poems They will make the little ones laugh because they present curious and spontaneous situations as themselves. The protagonists are the animals: a whale, a butterfly, a rabbit, a snail ... What is your children's favorite animal?

We begin this compilation of poems for children with the story of a funny little song that ends up being spread among all marine creatures. Will it stick to you too? Snail, cabbage, cabbage ... After reading this poem to your children, you can take the opportunity to teach them the full lyrics of this popular children's song.

A whale was sailing

very quiet by the sea,

accompanied by an octopus

and a small squid.

They caressed her body

the warm rays of the sun,

when he heard that in the distance

Snail, cabbage, cabbage,

put out the horns in the sun ...

Who sings here snail?

It's a song from afar

said the little squid


What does it matter where it is from,

I like to listen

said the happy whale

who started humming.

Snail, cabbage, cabbage,

put out the horns in the sun ...

Who is calling me ?, it was heard then,

I'm taking out the horns

Until the winter is over

They looked around

and they did not see the snail

and on top of the whale

their horns appeared.

Snail, cabbage, cabbage,

take out the horns in the sun,

sang the funny octopus

when the snail appeared.

Here you can stay

then said the whale,

I will bring you to the shore

the nights of the full moon.

he sang his song again,

and the three chanted him

snail, cabbage, cabbage.

This poem is usually very funny for children as the image of a penguin with yellow foam feathers makes them very funny. However, beyond the anecdote, these verses contain a beautiful message from overcoming complexes and to ignore the ridicule.

An elegant penguin

began to lose the feathers

and at the zoo they made him two

of yellow foam rubber.

Although they made fun of him

how it was warm,

he walked smug

with their pretty muffs.

All children tend to be fascinated by butterflies. And did you know that they love poetry? At least the protagonist of these verses.

He has seen me again again

I can not believe it!

that he was with me yesterday.

Perching on my notebook

flutters for him.

Maybe my new poem

recite to learn

and small butterflies

can teach reading.

It also came before yesterday!

This poem can be a good excuse to explain to children what tides are and why they happen. The bunny in this poem lives them in the first person! Let your son I ask you all the questions I have and try to solve all your doubts. If you don't have the answer to any of your questions, you can research it together.

and the bunny saw it,

without giving it more importance

on the beach he fell asleep.

When he wanted to realize

surfing among the waves,

scared woke up

next to four shells.

Does your child know what hermit crabs are? This poem is a fun way to introduce yourself to these curious creatures whose behavior is always surprising. How much children can learn about animals through poems and stories!

Under a straw hat

a large hermit crab

I lived locked up there

for being mean and very sullen.

I was almost always alone

for his way of being,

those who knew him well

they didn't even want to see it.

It happened that the wind came

and taking the hat,

he left there happy

while singing a bolero.

Seeing himself helpless

the crab like crazy

started crying loudly

between tears and snot.

They all went to his side

when they saw their pain

and despite knowing him

they gave him all their love.

They went looking for the wind

that the hat returned

leaving it where it was

But the hermit crab

his fame reaffirmed

when he turned his back on everyone

and in his house he shut himself up.

And finally, we bring you what is probably the funniest poem. Is it possible for a spider to play the guitar and sing flamenco? In the poems of course it is! After reading these verses you can ask your child to draw the spider as he imagined it. You will be surprised by their enormous creativity!

The Tiralacaña spider

she is famous in my city

because he plays the guitar

And what I'm telling you is true!

Just play with six legs

six strings of the guitar,

with the two that are free

the instrument is grasped.

Follow the rhythm with your body

and spins in the air,

strum the strings with art

with salt shaker and with grace.

He also sings flamenco

fandangos and bulerías

and everyone already knows

its pretty melodies.

He gives concerts in theaters,

plays in a recital.

Tiralacaña is famous.

Weave a musical thread!

And if you want to propose even more poems to your child to bring him closer to this beautiful genre, do not hesitate to consult the rest of the children's poems that we have in Guiainfantil.com. You will love them!

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