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15 beautiful names for girls from Spain that have affectionate diminutives

15 beautiful names for girls from Spain that have affectionate diminutives

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We know that choosing a name for your baby is not an easy task, since there are many variables to take into account. So to try to make it a little easier and also more fun, in we have prepared a list with names for girls from Spain accompanied by their diminutives. Which of them will become your favorite?

The good news has finally arrived: you and your partner are expecting a baby. Congratulations dear future parents! Although it is the first days of pregnancy, you can already say that the greatest adventure of your lives has begun. It's time to enjoy it to the fullest, to take good care of yourself and to gradually prepare all the necessary things for when your little one arrives, including the name.

Here we leave you a complete list of names for girls in Spain, with its diminutive, its origin, its meaning and its name day. Read them all aloud as many times as you want and do it followed by the surnames to see how it would look. Surely you will find the one that makes you most excited. We started!

1. Alejandra
Its diminutive is Alex, which also has its male version, Alejandro. It is a beautiful name that is made up of the Greek terms: 'alexein', which means protection, and 'andros', which means man and refers to 'the protection of men'. Temperament, courage, pride and elegance are some of the qualities that define this name for girls from Spain. On March 20, April 21 and May 18 the saint of Alejandra is celebrated.

2. Sandra
From Alejandra we can also use the diminutive Sandra, which in turn is a very beautiful proper name that never goes out of style in Spain. It is of Greek origin and its meaning is "protective woman." The people who bear this name have a strong personality and are fighters who seek to reach the top. His saint is March 20.

3. Angela or Angelica
Its diminutive is Angie, so we have a classic name and a much more modern version. It means 'messenger' or 'messenger of God' and its qualities are sensitivity, empathy and trust. Do you like how it sounds followed by the surnames your daughter is going to carry? His name day is November 5.

4. Alice
The diminutive of Alicia is Ali, a name for girls from Spain that has become fashionable again in a while. It has its origin in ancient Greek and means 'truth'. In Anglo-Saxon cultures it is very common to find the Alice variant. His name day is June 27.

5. Begoña
The diminutive of this name is Bego. A name that means 'place on the dominant hill' and is based on the Virgin of Begoña, patron saint of Vizcaya. His name day is October 11. The women who bear this name have a very emotional personality and are intuitive and receptive.

6. Isabel
Isa is its diminutive and is thought to be related to the Egyptian goddess of fertility, Isis. Its origin comes from a variant of the Hebrew that means 'promise of God'. In Spain the compound name María Isabel is widely used with the diminutive Marisa or Marisol. His name day is celebrated every November 5.

7. Mercedes
Merche is its diminutive and its meaning is 'liberator'. In Spain you can find the compound name María de las Mercedes. His name day is September 24. Those who bear this name are very independent women with an autonomous, strong character and with a lot of personality.

8. Montserrat
Montse is its diminutive and means 'serrated mountain', which refers to the shape of the mountain of Montserrat, where the image of the Virgin Montserrat, patron saint of Catalonia, is located. They are people who stand out above all for their solidarity and for their empathy. His saint is April 27.

9. Patricia
It means 'she who is noble' or 'woman who comes from the nobility'. The most common diminutives are Patri or Patty. It has its origin in the Latin 'Patricius'. Who receives this name is characterized by an affable and determined character. His name day is August 25.

10. Veronica
Vero is its diminutive, it is a name that comes from the Greek Berenice and which means 'bearer of victory' although it is also related to the 'true image'. His name day is July 9. Verónica's personality is usually close to others.

11. Dolores
Lola is its diminutive and is a name of Spanish origin and means "one who suffers pain". It refers to the suffering of the Virgin Mary for the death of her son. They are strong people with a sweet and affable character. His saint is September 15.

12. Rosary
Charo is its diminutive and comes from Rosarium: 'rose bush', 'rose garden', 'bouquet of roses'. They define themselves as kind women with a big heart. His saint is October 7. Although it is a name that is disappearing, some parents continue to put it in honor of women in the family.

13. Lourdes
Name for girls from Spain whose diminutive is Lulú. It is a name that has a long tradition but despite this, it continues to be heard on the streets. It refers to the name of the French place 'Lorde', and is based on the invocation of the Virgin of Lourdes. Its meaning is 'that which belongs to Lourdes' and its name day is February 11.

14. Beatriz
Classic name for girls from Spain whose diminutive is Bea. It comes from Latin with the meaning 'blessed, bringer of happiness'. Its accepted variants are Beatrice or Beatrix and it is a very common name in Italy. His name day is celebrated every July 29.

15. Cristina
As you well know, its diminutive is Cris. It comes from the Greek and means 'follower of Christ'. In the Middle Ages it was very popular with noble families. His saint is July 24. Those who wear it have a very demanding personality and great inner beauty.

We hope this list of names for girls from Spain with their diminutives, its origins and its meanings has been of great help to you when choosing the name for your little one. Congratulations on the arrival of the little one!

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