How to explain menstruation to children

Tell me something, have you already talked to your children about menstruation? If you are reading this I guess not and I also assume that you are looking for the best way to do it. And it is that, however natural it may be, it is a subject perhaps somewhat delicate to tell the little ones or at least that is how it is posed to us parents. Here are some tips for talking about menstruation with children be easy and simple.

This is a question that I have asked myself on occasion. So that you understand me a little better, I have to tell you that in my house there is freedom to enter the bathroom, whether it is busy or not, I mean that if I am brushing my teeth, my son can enter quietly if he just wants to pee.

Well that's just the thought I have, what if I don't put the latch and it just comes in when I'm changing? Sometimes children start asking questions about menstruation when they see something at home that seems strange to them and sometimes they do it because of comments they hear at school.

With this I want to tell you that there is no specific age when boys and girls should start talking about menstruation, the most successful thing is that once you see that they are curious about the subject, start with a simple explanation that you can deepen as they grow.

Menstruation should not be a taboo subjectOn the contrary, boys and girls must know what a woman's body is like, what are the changes that take place and the reasons for them. The more information we provide them, the easier it will be for them. On the other hand, if you explain to your daughter what the period is when she is still little, she will have plenty of confidence to talk to you when she grows up and has her period.

It is a common mistake to think that you should only talk about menstruation to girls because they will also have it when they grow up and not tell the boys anything. It is true that the explanation given to the girls must also be oriented towards the future, so that they gradually know what it will be like when it comes to them, but This does not mean that children should not stop explaining this topic. What's more, the more naturally this topic is discussed at home, the easier it will be for everyone.

If, for example, your son or daughter walks into the bathroom and sees that you change your pad, take the opportunity to calmly tell him that all women bleed once a month. That it is something natural that makes it possible for moms to be moms. Tell him how your period stopped coming for the months that he was in your belly and he will see it on the nicer side. In turn, explain what you use to avoid staining on those days of the month and, if you see that he continues to show interest in the subject, tell him if it is painful, what you do to feel better and since when you have it.

Let's now see some tips that you should take into account when explaining to children what menstruation is:

1. Talk to the kids clearly and in simple words that they can understand.

2. Find a story about menstruation, it will be of great help.

3. If they don't want to talk about it, respect their space and try again another day.

4. Show them pads and tampons so that they see it more clearly.

5. If he tells you things he heard in school that are not true, clarify them as best you can.

6. Explain how important hygiene is during menstruation.

7. Answer all your questions and allow them to ask you all the questions they need.

It may be that the child is interested in talking about menstruation because of something they saw or heard at an early age, but it may also be that they do not know anything about it and therefore there is no reason to talk about it.

In these cases, you will have to be the one to find a quiet and relaxed moment and explain the key concepts, especially if you have a daughter who is close to turning 10 years old. To break the ice, you can even start with the subject of where babies come from and then spin it with the other.

It's not about you telling him everything as it is, at least not the first time you talk about it, but rather it is about knowing what menstruation is, when it occurs and for what reason. You will see that as soon as you bring up the subject your son or daughter starts asking questions and things are rolling.

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