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Meet the top bloggers and influencers in Colombia

Meet the top bloggers and influencers in Colombia

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Their motherhood completely transformed their lives and they wanted to share it on their social media accounts, opening blogs or YouTube channels, and we are happy that they will make that decision, because, thanks to it and the power of technology, we can enjoy her advice on education and parenting. Meet the top blogger moms and influencers in Colombia!

They are the top blogger moms or famous moms in Colombia. Through their social networks and their blogs they share the experience of being a mother with their followers. Do you want to know who they are and follow them on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook or Twitter? Take note!

1. The hen and the chicks
Behind this blog with such a beautiful name is a mother named Natalia and her two children (chicks), who go by the names of Emilio and Pedro. The two of them are the inspiration for the posts that this Colombian mother writes in this maternity and parenting blog where we can find advice on the use of technology, recipes, how to wash children's clothes or tips for traveling with children.

Natalia also writes reflections on the way we educate children and puts her personal experience on the blog to share it with other parents, but also because she wants her children to one day read her articles and see what their childhood and adolescence were like.

2. Laura Acuña
Laura Acuña, the presenter of the RCN program 'Very good morning', has more than three million followers on Instagram. In social networks Laura appears with her children Helena and Nico sharing her deepest feelings for them and saying that she does not want the pampering to ever end. This mother says with humor that if her daughter asks her to hold her at the age of 30, she will do so without hesitation. And Laura is an expert in uploading funny videos of her little ones in any situation, something that causes a sensation among her followers.

3. Tatylondo
Tatiana has studied Positive Discipline and Emotional Freedom Techniques. On her blog, Mom with you, she shares parenting tips with her followers, but also encourages other parents to share their experiences, creating community. In this way he says that families grow and learn from the tricks of others. What reason is he!

4. Carolina Soto
Carolina is a television presenter and businesswoman and is the mother of Valentino, born on January 12, 2017, and Violetta, born on August 23, 2018. Carolina is one of the most famous moms in Colombia, because she shares every leisure moment with her two little ones. Do not stop following his Instagram account, he has more than two million followers!

5. Maria Clara Rodríguez
In the Baby Fresh blog, created by María Clara Rodríguez, we can read the advice of a woman to exercise responsible and happy motherhood and fatherhood. María Clara is a television presenter and an expert mother, since she has five children! Two of them are twins. On the blog, among other things, she talks about how to overcome separation anxiety when babies start to go to daycare, something that every mother has to go through at some point.

6. Carolina Cruz
She is a model mom and presenter who shares the upbringing of her little Matías on her different social media accounts. In his mosaic of Instagram we can see interspersed photos of his professional day to day and beautiful images blowing soap bubbles with his child, having ice cream or taking walks with his family. Carolina is very loved for her friendliness and simplicity and shares with her followers the sincere feelings she expresses towards her son.

7. Ana Maria
Babyfriendlycolombia is the account of Ana María, mother of three children: Agustín, Oliver and Mila. His blog, his Instagram and his YouTube channel are oriented to family well-being and healthy eating. In them we can find recipes to make with children, places to go with them and where they are well received and all kinds of tips to help the natural upbringing of children.

8. Mom with love
Ana María Franco is the mother behind Mamá con amor, a space in which she shares the day-to-day education of her two little girls. In it, he talks about limits, proper nutrition or sleep patterns. Its contents are divided into the following categories: activities, food, parenting, general, news, tips and advice and videos

9. Learn with Helmsman
Jimena Villa is Tomás's mother. This mother writes useful articles to help other parents educate their children. Jimena, for example, gives advice on how to stimulate the child's learning or how to read with him so that reading becomes one of his passions. Head over to Learn with Timonela because in this blog you will find many tricks and ideas to do with your little ones.

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