6 Montessori games to do at home with children without spending money

6 Montessori games to do at home with children without spending money

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Surely you have heard more than once about the Montessori method to teach children, and it is that from now on it has become very fashionable. However, more than a fad we could say that it is a whole trend that is based on the teachings of María Montessori, who affirmed that the best thing is learning through active experience in which the game takes the prominent role. That is why in our site we share with you some Montessori games to do at home with your children with simple and everyday materials. Which of them will be your favorite?

These playful activities based on the Montessori method have the main objective of developing the capacity of the smallest of the house, who can learn through play. And they are also very fun and you can do them without spending a lot of money!

1. The game of Montessori balls for babies
We start the list of the best Montessori activities by letting you know the game of balls for babies. You will only need a couple of soft balls, better if they are made of fabric so that they do not roll a lot. It is about showing the baby the balls and letting him touch them to become familiar with them and arouse his curiosity. Then both balls are thrown a few inches away from the child so that he is encouraged to catch them. Montessori believed that every time we move we do it for something, with a purpose and not just for the mere fact of moving. Well, this simple game teaches this to the baby.

The baby will want to reach for the balls and he will see it possible because they have not been far from his hand. If he is already crawling, he may catch them right away, if he has not yet developed this ability, he will stretch his arms in the direction of the balls. In both cases, whether you picked them up yourself or we gave them to you, you will be glad you made the effort of movement and received the reward. Have you seen what more fun time can be spent with a simple Montessori activity?

2. The game of manipulating objects for children up to 2 years
María Montessori said that any unnecessary help is more of an obstacle than a help. This means that we must be next to children and help them understand the world around them, but that in turn they should be given space to explore and get to know it for themselves. The Montessori activity that we propose here will be perfect for this.

Take a few everyday objects that you have at home and that are of daily use for your child such as his favorite toy, the spoon with which he eats, his pajamas or the teddy with which he cradles. Talk to him about each one of them, tell him what they are for, and let him manipulate them at will. You can ask simple questions like: Where are your pajamas? How is the spoon used? Don't be surprised if your answers are correct!

3. Musical maracas made by yourself
For the little ones who have already reached three years of age we have some original musical maracas. With them they will learn the importance of music, they will know how to differentiate textures and they will have a great time. María Montessori had a phrase that she repeated over and over again: 'The child who has the freedom and opportunity to manipulate and use his hand in a logical way, with consequences and using real elements, develops a strong personality.' What if those objects that he manipulates at the same time have music? Assured success!

Take two or three empty plastic bottles and put sound objects such as paints or raw pasta in them. Close the bottle and shake it as if it were a maraca. Let your child be in front while you prepare this homemade instrument, you can even personalize the maracas by painting or gluing stickers. How exciting!

4. Learn colors with the Montessori home game
Colors are one of the first things that draw attention to children, even more so if they are striking. This game is suitable for small three or four years. To start it you will need some empty rolls of toilet or kitchen paper, some cardboard and a few paints.

As you may have already guessed, it involves painting the cardboard tubes in different colors, cutting out small pieces of cardboard and painting them in those same colors as well. Show your child how they are classified and let him do it himself. This same activity can be versioned and done with textures. As we have done with colors, it would be about looking for small objects that are kept at home of different textures and put in separate boxes according to whether they are soft, rough, rough ... Guaranteed fun!

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5. Paint stones in the mandala style
This Montessori activity favors concentration, fine motor skills, lets the imagination fly and is also very relaxing, ideal to show children when they are somewhat agitated or nervous because the holidays are approaching or there is any other change that alters their daily routine .

Collect some stones from the park or the beach and prepare some colors. They can be markers, waxes or tempera with applicator. Next, let your child draw on the stones. If you want to make it a little easier, you can make a nice mandala-style drawing in pencil and fill in with the colors that you had prepared. You won't be able to resist painting yourself!

6. Cards to associate simple words
For children who are just entering the exciting world of literacy, we have this Montessori activity that is based on learn simple letters and words using flashcards. You can prepare the cards yourself at home, you will only need cardboard, colored pencils and really want to have fun.

Make some basic drawings related to your child's environment: mom, dad, school, the park ... And write the name of each drawing in capital letters. On the other hand, write down on a large paper the initial of each drawing you have made and tell your little one to try to know which drawing it corresponds to. The next level in this game is to draw the card and tell the child to write what he sees. Thus words are associated with pictures and the alphabet is known.

Ready to try all these Montessori activities?

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