Mother's Day

Wonderful phrases to dedicate to a mother every day of the year

Wonderful phrases to dedicate to a mother every day of the year

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How to put into words all that a person can feel for their mother? In we have a method that never fails: words. We introduce you phrases to dedicate to a mother every day of the year. Why don't you choose one and surprise your mother with it? You can write the dedication with a nice typography, print it and frame it, or you can also complete them with your own words. That's what they will like the most!

They brought us into the world and taught us to live in it. Their love is unconditional and they always put our interests before theirs, because we are their priority. Thanks to them we learned to speak, to eat in a balanced way, to study, to solve problems, but, above all, they taught us to be good people. They did not tire of repeating to us every day the values ​​they wanted to be fixed in our minds. Education is not an easy thing, therefore, in gratitude for all that mothers do for their children, we have selected some phrases dedicated to them.

1. Your mother will always love you, whatever you do
We are their biggest life project, so they will love us for life.

2. Mother there is only one and like mine, none
That there is only one mother is an undeniable fact and just as everyone thinks that hers is the best.

3. Whenever I need a hand, you give me three
Mothers are always ready to help their children with all their resources.

4. A mother is the person who can take the place of everyone, but no one can take the place of her
It is true that no one can impersonate the role of a mother. She has carried us on her womb and in her arms until we have been able to walk.

5. A mother's love is the fuel that makes a person achieve the impossible.
Mothers get the Pygmalion effect. Because they encourage us and make us believe that we can do anything, they influence our performance.

6. Being a mother means being present in the heart of the child, wherever he is
No matter how far apart the hearts of mother and child will be united.

7. A mother's love is unconditional, eternal and true.
This is real. It is a pure and special love ... and forever!

8. Mothers have that secret charm of always treating us like a child
Sure you do, but don't feel embarrassed about this.

9. Mother, your love is truly blind because you began to love me before you saw how it was
Mothers love us from the moment they know they are pregnant.

10. My mother changed her figure for a belly, her bag for a diaper bag, her quiet nights for long sleepless nights, her makeup for big dark circles
Totally true. Children transform the lives of mothers and being a mother causes fatigue, but the love of a child more than makes up for it.

11. Only your mom taught me to get up when I fell
The wise words of a mother help in the worst moments. They are the ones we call first for advice.

12. I believe in love at first sight because I loved my mother since I opened my eyes
They are the first thing we see when we come into the world.

13. Everything I am or hope to be I owe to my mother
So is. We learn everything from them.

14. The worst thing in the world is seeing your mother cry. Happiness is the opposite, seeing your mother smile
Children have a terrible time if they see their mother sad and yet they are happy when they see her happy.

15. I want you to look into my eyes and that you also look into them; mom, you are so important to me that the world sometimes ... is you and me
Precious reflection on the special mother-child relationship.

16. Life doesn't come with an instruction manual, it comes with a mother
Our mother will always know how to show us the way.

17. I love my mother because trees love water and sun. She helps me grow, prosper and reach great heights
Our mothers support us and enhance our talents.

18. Home is where your mother is
With her we always feel at home.

19. A mother's heart is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness
This phrase by the French novelist Honore de Balzac tells us that mothers always forgive their children because they know that they are learning and make mistakes.

20. The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world
It is a phrase by W. S. Ross that became the title of a famous movie.

21. The future of a son is the work of his mother
This phrase by Napoleon Bonaparte refers to the fact that mothers intervene directly in our future, because education has a lot to do with our decision-making.

22. There is nothing like the love of a mother towards her children
Agatha Christie, the crime novel writer, made this fact so true.

23. A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them
This phrase from the French novelist Víctor Hugo evokes the moments in which mothers hold their babies in their arms, making them fall asleep in them.

24. The most beautiful sounds that beings can hear come from mothers, from heaven and from home
An evocative phrase from W. G. Brown. A mother's voice and the noises of the home routine are welcoming sounds.

25. When my eyes to life opened, at the beginning of my earthly career, the beautiful light that I saw for the first timeIt was the light of your eyes, my mother!
This poem by Rafael Escobar Roa speaks of the moment of delivery when the baby meets his mother.

26. You will teach how to fly… but they will not fly your flight. You will teach to dream ... but your dreams will not dream. You will teach how to live ... but they will not live your life. You will teach to sing ... but they will not sing your song. You will teach to think ... but they will not think like you. But you will know that every time they fly, dream, live, sing and think ... The seed of the path taught and learned will be in them!
Mother Teresa of Calcutta wants to indicate the importance of education.

27. Mothers are the only ones who are going to tell you the whole truth, no frills.
Margaret Dilloway alludes to the sincerity of mothers, who know how to tell us the truth, in an assertive way.

28. A mother is never alone in her thoughts. A mother always thinks twice, once for herself and once for her child
Actress Sofía Loren alludes to the fact that mothers always think of us.

29. My mother is the sunlight of my days and the north star of my nights
Robert Breault is our light and our guide.

30. Mothers, in your hands you have the salvation of the world
The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy refers to the importance of education for the future of humanity.

31. A mother is someone you ask for help when you get in trouble.
Emily Dickinson reminds us who we turn to when things get tough.

These phrases make us reflect on everything our mothers do for us. Surely you have already chosen a phrase for your mother!

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