Healthy snack recipes for kids' snack

The snack It is the ideal meal for children to recharge their energy after the school day, especially considering that they normally have to continue their day with extracurricular activities that require physical effort (soccer, basketball, dance, fencing), and intellectual effort ( homework or English or reinforcement classes).

That is why the snack it should contain both macro and micronutrients, but it should not be excessively caloric. We give you some very practical tips to prepare healthy sandwiches for children's snack.

To offer our little ones a healthy and balanced snackWe must bear in mind that the goal is, as with any meal, to avoid pastries, sugars in general, trans and saturated fats, and refined products. Focusing on the traditional sandwiches, we can extract the following tips:

- Choose a bread as healthy as possible, preferably whole grain, with nuts or multigrain, as they have more fiber.

- Avoid sliced ​​bread, as it contains unnecessary fats and interferes with the correct development of children's teeth. Being soft, it does not allow the jaw of the child to strengthen and chew properly. Let's try, then, to lean more towards the traditional loaf of bread.

- Try include micronutrients such as calcium and iron, present, for example, in dairy products and meat products respectively.

- Avoid cold cuts as the only filling of the sandwich. Today there is a wide range of possibilities within which, surely, we will find something to our little one's liking.

- Make it juicier and, for this, we can impregnate both parts of the sandwich with oil, spread cheese, grated tomato, guacamole ...

And now comes the next point. What to put inside the child's sandwich? You have to choosea healthy filling. We are not necessarily talking about those that include greens or vegetables, although of course they are ideal, but also about other protein foods that contain less saturated fat. Here we bring you some rich, rich, rich ideas!

- Tuna with tomato
Tuna contains highly valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids, and tomato is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially with antioxidant capacity. Do you need more reasons?

- Smoked salmon with fresh cheese
Salmon is one of the most attractive fish in childhood and, when accompanied by a dairy derivative, we get a great cocktail of nutrients.

- French or potato omelette or boiled egg
The egg is a very complete food, whose protein is one of the highest biological value that we can find.

- Good quality cold cuts or cold cuts, without forgetting the classic ham and cheese sandwich.

- Fresh cheese, cured or semi-cured with tomato, lettuce, pepper or any protein food.

- Humus –Chickpea or other ingredient- or guacamole with a protein food.

- And finally, you can use leftovers from yesterday's dinner: roast chicken, Russian steaks, breaded breasts ... They are the ideal filling if we accompany them with cheese, which provides calcium so that the bones grow strong and healthy.

The truth is that there are no rules, the filling of the sandwich can contain everything! Let's not get bogged down in the typical chorizo ​​sandwich and offer our children healthy and varied fillings.

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