What Kind Of Clothes Should A Baby With Atopic Dermatitis Wear

What Kind Of Clothes Should A Baby With Atopic Dermatitis Wear

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Atopic dermatitis in infants and children in a fairly common disease caused by skin irritation, caused by external agents, which causes itching and eczema on the skin. The problem appears in different stages since it usually appears in the form of outbreaks that, in most cases, improves over time, and can even disappear completely.

Atopic dermatitis usually appears in children between the ages of two months and five years and usually manifests with eczema, pimples, or dry skin on the hands and face, but it can also occur in places such as the back of the knees, behind the ears, or on the elbows. It is a disease that increases exponentially over the years since every day there are more synthetic products.

The first thing to do is observe and identify what type of factor is causing this atopic dermatitis in the child, in order to avoid contact with said agent. There are many causes that can cause atopic dermatitis in a child, from genetic predisposition to contact or ingestion of a certain food, contact with chlorine in a swimming pool, or contact with synthetic fabrics.

1 - If our child suffers from atopic dermatitis the child should not be dressed in tight clothing or fabric that may be irritating, being recommended the use of loose clothing and cotton or linen fabric. In addition, cotton or linen clothing should also be used for the bed where the child sleeps.

2 - Avoid overcoating the child to avoid the little perspiration and sweat that can cause an outbreak of atopic dermatitis. It is advisable to carry out this advice especially at bedtime.

3 - If the reaction appears on the child's feet, it is advisable to use footwear that improves perspiration, and if possible, that is not made of synthetic materials. In addition, and even in summer, the child should always wear socks or stockings to avoid contact of the foot with the inside of the shoe, thus avoiding excessive sweating and the consequent irritation.

4 - But not only the type of fabric can affect a child with atopic dermatitis, since how we treat the clothes is also a factor to take into account. Therefore it must be wash clothes with mild detergent and detergent and in a small quantity, a good rinsing is also recommended, since this will eliminate most of the synthetic agents.

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