We reinvent the chocolate Christmas log. Recipes with children

We reinvent the chocolate Christmas log. Recipes with children

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The Christmas log or Christmas trunk, it is one of the most prepared desserts in most of our homes during these dates. It is so delicious that no family wants to miss out on trying it!

It is such a popular recipe that it can be a bit boring, don't you think? So in our site we reinvent one of the most delicious chocolate Christmas logs; the one with chocolate cookies. Instead of doing it horizontally, we propose a recipe to do it vertically, as if it were the trunk of a tree that has been cut. Very original, right? You will surprise all your guests! Take note of the ingredients, the step by step and dare with this great recipe to cook with children.


  • 2 packages of round cookies
  • 800 ml milk
  • 540 g of chocolate to melt
  • 225 g unsalted butter
  • 2 lemons
  • 125 g icing sugar
  • cinnamon powder
  • white fondant

Traditionally, this Christmas dessert is made from a spongy sheet of sponge cake on which a cream is spread and then rolled into a cylinder. The most classic option is bake a sheet of Genoese sponge cake and fill it with chocolate or coffee buttercream. But nowadays, both the sponge cake, as the fillings and decorations, can be very diverse.

The biscuit and chocolate cake is also one of the most selected options during Christmas because its preparation is easy and fast. Plus, kids love its texture and taste! This one of those recipes in which the whole family can collaborate, although children cannot cook alone as it requires baking and other more dangerous steps. Keep in mind that doing this activity you will also enjoy a wonderful afternoon with your family.

Take note of the step by step to make this delicious recipe for Christmas log of chocolate and cookies.

1. To get started, you will need a 18 cm tall mold that is removable or, failing that, two removable molds of the same diameter. We have used two removable molds of 18 cm in diameter. To join the two removable molds, you have to use another mold as a base, remove the plate or tray from the second mold and place the part that corresponds to the metal ring on top of the first. Tape them together, then line the inside with greaseproof paper.

2. Next, you have to heat the milk in a saucepan next to the skin of the lemons. Take it off the heat before it starts to boil.

3. Strain the milk to remove the skin from the lemons or use a slotted spoon. Reserve 400 ml of milk in a jug at room temperature and pour the rest back into the saucepan. Reheat this milk over low heat and add 450 g of chocolate to melt previously chopped. When the chocolate has melted, add 100 g of diced unsalted butter. Stir so that everything is well integrated, remove the mixture from the heat and let it thicken.

4. To start assembling the log, you have to moisten the cookies lightly with the milk that you have reserved in the jug. Go dipping them in a deep plate two by two to prevent them from breaking, and start filling the mold with two layers of cookies.

5. Next, pour the chocolate mixture over the cookies, forming a thin layer, but making sure it covers everything completely. Repeat these steps until you get a total of 3 double layers of cookie and 3 thin layers of chocolate. The last layer will be chocolate. Refrigerate for at least 5 hours; Ideally, leave the cake in the fridge overnight.

6. Once this time has passed, remove the cake carefully and Make a buttercream or chocolate buttercream. To do this, melt 90 g of chocolate in a double boiler; Remove from the heat and let it warm. Beat 125 g of unsalted butter at room temperature with 125 g of icing sugar previously sifted for 5 minutes. Add the chocolate that you just melted and beat for 2 more minutes. Fill a piping bag with an open star nozzle.

7. To simulate the bark of the tree, you have to place the nozzle of the pastry bag at the bottom of the cake and make a vertical line with cream that reaches the top. Repeat this step to completely cover the entire side of your Christmas log. Following, crush 5 cookies and cover the top. To simulate the rings of the tree trunk, sprinkle cinnamon in a circle.

8. Finish using the white fondant to make snowflakes, leaves and holly as decoration. And don't forget to sprinkle icing sugar to create a snow effect! Have a very sweet Christmas!

Did you like this Christmas log? If you want to innovate a bit, in addition to doing it vertically, you can use other more original ingredients than chocolate and cookies. Although these foods are children's favorites, you can always suggest something different to surprise them. Take note of other Christmas desserts in the shape of a log that we propose.

- Christmas log of cream and strawberries
By using strawberries you will be giving this dessert a more natural touch ... full of vitamins! To prepare this dessert you just have to beat eggs, sugar, sifted flour, yeast and cocoa. Put it on a tray in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees. Cut small pieces of strawberry and place them next to a little whipping cream inside the cake. Roll it up ... and you're done!

- Rich Christmas log of peach jam
Peach jam may not be the children's favorite, but they might surprise you! Introduce it through this delicious Christmas dessert and little by little they will get used to new flavors. Prepare this log is not more complicated than the rest. The first step is to cook a rich sponge cake with egg, flour, sugar and a little yeast. It should be baked at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Whip cream and spread it on the cake; Put a little whipped cream (you can also put small pieces of peach or syrup); and roll it up. It sure is delicious.

- Dare with this Swiss Christmas log
This Swiss roll will delight the whole family. Do you dare to prepare it? It is not very complicated! Once again, start by preparing the cake with flour, eggs, sugar and yeast. Bake and let it cool. Cut apple pieces and add sugar to make them caramelize. Next, spread a thin layer of delicious mascarpone cheese on the already cooled sponge cake. Add the apple and other ingredients that you like, such as a little meringue. Carefully so that it does not break, roll the cake so that it is in the shape of a gypsy arm. No one will resist such a delicious dessert!

- Carrot and chocolate Christmas cake
If you usually prepare carrot cakes, this recipe will not be complicated. Prepare the cake with eggs, flour, sugar and yeast. Add grated carrot for that different touch. Bake and let it cool well. Melt a little chocolate and spread a layer on the cake. Roll up your throne carefully so that the chocolate does not come out and the cake does not break. You can decorate it with chocolate shavings or with fondant figures. A delight!

What kind of Christmas log are you going to prepare with your children?

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