Change of plans. Christmas story for children about generosity

Change of plans. Christmas story for children about generosity

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Pass on the Christmas spirit to your children with this beautiful children's story! At these parties, you have to talk with children about solidarity, empathy, altruism ... And this Christmas story for children titled "Change of Plans" speaks about generosity. If you want to make your little ones think, propose to read this beautiful story.

It was Christmas Eve and Carla and Daniel They were already prepared when their parents told them to go on a trip to their grandparents' house, many kilometers away. They were going to spend the long-awaited Christmas holidays with their entire family.

On the road, a strange noise suddenly began to sound inside the engine. They decided to stop and find a workshop to see what would happen. They were lucky, and they found one on the same road, at the entrance to a small town. The mechanic, after looking carefully at the engine, informed them that he would not have the spare part needed to fix the car until late in the afternoon, and that it was dangerous to continue the journey in these conditions. As a special favor, he would fix their car on Christmas morning - he said - and then explained where a small hostel was for the night.

They went to dinner early at the indicated hostel, attended by a friendly lady. They had a hot soup that tasted delicious and then a delicious roast beef and a homemade flan for dessert.

Warmly dressed they walked through the town. Everyone had gone out despite the cold. Carla and Daniel were bored protesting the bad luck of having fallen in that small town, while his parents took the setback with good humor. In the town square they found a large Christmas tree and a beautiful nativity scene outside the church. They played with some children for a long time and stayed with them to play the next day after eating.

They attended the rooster mass, sang Christmas carols and went to worship the baby Jesus. And although they had a great time, and they lived Christmas Eve in a very special way, they all missed their grandparents that night.

The next morning they went for a walk in the field and saw a flock of sheep approaching. The pastor raised his club in greeting. He carried a little lamb in his arms and left it for Carla to take on her lap. The brothers took turns giving the newborn a bottle. That man told them that all his sheep had names and that the black sheep was called Star. The lamb, still without a name, they called Lucero. He taught them that there were goats also in the herd, and he told them that the dogs were called Pipe and Pipo.

Then they walked through the town where there was a very Christmas atmosphere, and they spent the morning very entertained until lunchtime.

- Dad, can we go out to play now? - Daniel said when he had finished his dessert.

- I do not like that you are alone there - said his mother immediately.

- Here they are not in danger, let the children out - said the lady of the hostel winking at the little ones.

- It's fine, You can go out for a while, but don't walk away - said the parents.

- Yessss! - Carla and Daniel shouted happily. They bundled up and went out to the street to look for Javier and Ana, the children they had met the night before.

They were children of similar ages to yours. Javier had long bangs that covered his eyes and large blushes. Ana was the youngest, she had wavy blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. The girl was shivering from the cold.

- Why don't you wear coats, aren't you cold? - Asked Carla after a while.

- Is that we do not have - Javier said with the greatest naturalness.

Carla and Daniel looked at each other in disbelief.

- Don't you have coats? - They said at the same time.

It was then that they noticed how they were dressed. The children were clean, but their clothes were old and worn and their shoes were torn.

- We have these clothes, - said Ana pointing to her sweater - and another in case we get dirty. My father does not have a job and we must take care of what little we have.

- Ah! - Said the brothers without being able to believe it. They had a lot of clothes in their closet and if it got stained or broke, they bought more from them without any problem.

They played for a while longer, but it was starting to snow and they said goodbye to their friends.

So Daniel driven by impulse, took off his coat and gave it to Javier Told him:

- Try it on! - Javier saw that it was perfect and looked at him laughing and caressing the garment. Daniel also gave her the hat, gloves, and wool scarf.

Carla, imitating her brother, also took off her coat, gloves and hat and put them on the little girl who, although it was a bit too big, smiled happily, stopping shaking for a moment.

- Goodbye guys! - They said goodbye again - We are going to spend the Christmas holidays with my grandparents and they ran to the hostel in search of their parents to shelter from the cold.

- We were already looking for you! - The parents said at the door of the hostel.

- Where are your coats? - They asked surprised.

Carla and Daniel began to tell them hastily that they had met some kids who didn't have coats and they had been given theirs.

- They didn't have coats! - Carla repeated making a face in pain - Ana was very cold! - The little girl insisted, fearing the reprimand.

- When something like this happens, you must tell us - said his father - Thank goodness you have more warm clothes in the suitcase!

And instead of scolding them as the children feared, heis hugged excitedly because they had shown to have a big heart.

- The garage mechanic just called - said the father - the car is ready.

They left town just a few minutes before Javier and Ana arrived with their mother asking for them.

They were very grateful that they had been given the clothes that they so badly needed, and they remained silent, staring at the road with lost eyes.

After telling everything that happened to their grandparents and cousins, Carla and Daniel went to bed very tired. The two children smiled in the dark before falling asleep remembering their friends, the bottle they had given Lucero, the newborn lamb, and thinking of the fun day they had spent in that small town that at first had seemed so boring. They would always remember that beautiful Christmas day because it had been different.

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