The best fruits to take in the children's recess snack

In an attempt to improve the quality of our children's nutrition, and focus or educate them towards a healthier and more balanced diet, many schools have chosen to require parents to, at least one or two days a week and toyour children's recess snack, select only and exclusively a piece of fruit.

Many parents are in the position to choose what fruit to put in your children's backpacks and sadly they are limited to two or three. However, not only the apple, the banana or the mandarin are suitable to take to school. Yes, it is indisputable that these are the easiest fruits to eat and of course they do not pose any problem for the child when it comes to consuming them, but, Why not put some delicious strawberries, some tasty raspberries or some blackberries in a small pan?

These are such good options that I just mentioned to you, such as melon or watermelon in small pieces or, even, pineapple, cut into small portions that the child can either take with his hand or with a small fork that we put wrapped in a napkins.

Yes OK the option of bringing fruit to eat at recess is very valid It is recommended to accustom our children to having a healthy and balanced diet, there are others as healthy as it, which can also provide a little more variety for children, and not get tired of seasonal fruits.

They are not as accepted as fruit, but in other countries, such as the Nordic or Anglo-Saxon countries, children get used to it from a very young age. eat raw vegetables, further expanding the range of possibilities for healthy eating at recess. Cucumber slices, red pepper strips, carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes are very popular in children's tupperware in these countries.

The classic, made with chickpeas, with a touch of garlic and lemon, and, of course, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, is ideal to accompany both raw vegetables and a simple piece of bread. In addition, the hummus recipe accepts as many variations as we want, and can be made with other legumes, such as lentils, or also with vegetables, such as aubergines or beets.

Made with avocado, tomato and onion, and garnished with olive oil and lime or lemon juice, this dipping sauce is extremely healthy and very easy to prepare at home. It can become an even more attractive option for children if we accompany it with the typical tortilla chips –of Mexican origin-, crisp and tasty, although it must be recognized that bread sticks are the healthiest alternative.

Let's not get bogged down in industrial bakery or ham and cheese sandwich like snack for recess of our children, and offer our little ones healthier and more varied options. You no longer have an excuse!

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