The true meaning of the Christmas greeting

The true meaning of the Christmas greeting

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I have hardly received Christmas greetings in the mail for years now; instead I get emails with pictures of the kids of my friends or family 'fixated' with Photoshop, or even links to web pages where you can find everything: goblins that dance to mountain houses under the starry winter sky; It seems that Christmas Xmas have lost the personalization and appeal they had when we were little. We explain to you what is the true meaning of the Christmas greeting.

I believe that the lack of time and the desire to assimilate the advantages that technologies offer us are changing some customs.

Of course, Sending emails is an excellent alternative to traditional mail: less time sticking stamps, writing return addresses and addresses on endless envelopes to family, friends, acquaintances.

You no longer need to spend money on greeting packages and then rack your brains choosing the right Christmas greeting for each recipient.

Plus, they can be shipped on December 24th, and they arrive on time before Christmas!

But it is one thing to make life easier for us, and another to convert the Christmas greeting, which is an endearing act of approaching family or friends, in almost a "spam" of nonsense prefabricated on websites full of advertising.

I think we have to recover the true meaning of the Christmas greeting (even the electronic one!) To teach our children what it means in a context of family and friendship: it is a memory, a hug in the distance, the whisper of a "I remember you" or an "I love you".

You have to dedicate time to them, you have to put something of ours on them, so that whoever receives it feels that the sender is a family member or friend; and this must be instilled in our children. Personally, I always send some by ordinary mail, either for grandparents or for a distant relative who does not have access to the internet.

And this is the true meaning of the Christmas greetings: In this type of greetings, not only are our good wishes, there are also our handwriting and our personal stamp. Let our children participate in these congratulations: they put their name, little phrase, drawing or blur. Surely your recipient will read it with love. Let's spend a little more time or spend a little more money on envelopes and stamps, and let's go with our children to post them a few days before Christmas.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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