How to decorate the house with the children for Halloween

How to decorate the house with the children for Halloween

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Halloween is coming, a party that is more current among us every year. Children love to dress up and go out to ask for their sweets in neighboring houses.

How about decorating your house and recreating an environment according to this date? Your child is sure to love it. Or if you want to celebrate a party with friends, we give you a series of ideas so you can get a 'terrifying' setting.

- Pumpkins: it is one of the elements that should not be missing in the decoration. You can easily find them already made or dare with natural ones, empty them and give them the shape of the eyes and mouth. Then you can put a candle or a light bulb inside and they will be perfect as lighting.

- Another simpler idea is decorate some orange balloons and paste the details with patent paper.

- Also jars that you have at home, you can paint and decorate or make some original pumpkins with paper.

- Spider webs: with some cardboard and scissors you can prepare some beautiful cobwebs that will decorate the windows or corners of the room. In black or white, you choose.

- Garlands: you can make them with paper, cardboard, wool ... Find a template and cut out. What objects can you hang that are perfect to complete the decoration? Bats, ghosts, skulls ... you know, all sinister looking.

- Stickers: they are easy to place on furniture or walls. There are very realistic ones that will serve you perfectly.

- Other props items: How about some straw brooms for your Halloween party? Chains, witch hats, ... everything you can think of. The costume accessories that you will easily find at this time are perfect. Decorate the doors, the walls, the ceiling ... then with a soft and adequate lighting you will have already obtained the desired result.

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