9 scientist-inspired names for girls your daughter will wear with pride

9 scientist-inspired names for girls your daughter will wear with pride

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At last we are teaching our daughters that they do not need a prince or a castle to be happy. That they can be what they want, that gender is just that, gender, and that it should not determine anything. New moms want our little ones to shine on their own and that no boy overshadows them. Therefore, when the empowerment of women calls for a step, we want to review with you the scientist inspired names for girls that paved our way.

Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal or Isaac Newton ... We can cite countless scientists, but what about female scientists? Of those women who throughout history have made spectacular advances in science? Every year, universities train thousands and thousands of future scientists for whom we ask for greater visibility. If you are a mother who wants to add her two cents to the cause, we suggest all these names below.

1. Hypatia
She was a true pioneer and even a martyr as a woman of science. Her works in philosophy, physics and astronomy were considered a heresy by a large group of Christians, who brutally murdered her. However, Hypatia of Alexandria was the first woman to make a substantial contribution to the development of mathematics.

2. Marie (Maria)
Better known by her husband's surname, Marie Curie is the woman who dedicated her entire life to radioactivity, being the ultimate pioneer in this field. Her legacy and her knowledge of physics and chemistry drove breakthroughs - the discovery of new elements like polonium and radium, for example - and made her the first woman and the first person to win two Nobel Prizes.

3. Jane
Valerie Jane Morris-Goodall has stood out as a primatologist after studying the use of tools in chimpanzees, to whom she dedicates her life. Jane has done successful research on chimpanzee behavior and lifestyles. In 2003, his work was recognized by the scientific community with the Prince of Asturias Award and the UNESCO Gold Medal.

4. Cecilia
Cecilia, surnamed Payne-Gaposchkin, was an astronomer whose thesis was considered the most brilliant ever written in her discipline. He discovered that the main component of stars like the Sun, was not the same as that of planets, but that they were composed mainly of hydrogen.

5. Amalia
Amalie Emmy Noether occupies an essential place in the field of mathematics, especially in theoretical physics and abstract algebra, with great advances in the theories of rings, groups and fields. Throughout her life she made some 40 truly exemplary publications, even Einstein considered her the most important woman in the history of mathematics.

6. Barbara
American surname McClintock has left an important discovery in the field of genetics. Despite the fact that for a long time his work was not taken into account, he ended up with the Nobel Prize for his theory of jumping genes, revealing the fact that genes were capable of jumping between different chromosomes, an essential concept today in day in genetics.

7. Lis
Lise Meitner was a Jewish and German physicist with extensive development in the field of radioactivity and nuclear physics, being a fundamental part of the team that discovered nuclear fission, despite the fact that only her colleague Otto Hahn obtained recognition (can you imagine for what?). Years later, meitnerium (chemical element with atomic value 109) was named in his honor.

8. Ada
Daughter of Lord Byron and known as Ada Lovelace, she was the first computer scientist in history, the world's first programmer. She discovered that through a series of symbols and mathematical rules it was possible to calculate an important series of numbers.

9. Rosalinda
Rosalind Franklin, was a biophysicist and crystallographer, and had a crucial role in understanding the structure of DNA. However, with it we find one of the biggest embarrassing acts of the scientific community: not to recognize its merit in making possible the observation of the structure of DNA through images taken with X-rays. On the contrary, and as we already know, the credit and the Nobel Prize in medicine then went to his colleagues Watson, Wilkins and Crick.

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