From what age should girls go to the gynecologist?

From what age should girls go to the gynecologist?

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As our babies grow, and become first children, then preteens and later adolescents, many parents with daughters have the same question: age should girls go to the gynecologist for the first time?

In recent years there have been changes from this moment. Since We want to tell you when it seems reasonable to us for this visit to take place.

The first visit to the gynecologist will be conditioned by the girl's clinical circumstances (excessive or painful periods, vaginal discharge, etc.), as long as the family doctor considers her referral.

In this regard, according to a new population study, the age of initiation of sexual intercourse has been advanced, at least in the Spanish population. If two decades ago the starting age was centered on sixteen, today the debut is materialized at thirteen. However, there is no need to take sexually active teenage girls to the gynecologist. The current recommendation estimates that the first Pap tests should be done after 25 years of age (21 in the case of immunosuppressed women).

As a question and answer, we analyze some of the most frequent doubts of parents with adolescent girls.

1. Is there a specific age for our daughter to go to the gynecologist for the first time?

No. The first fact to take into account is that gynecological problems of various kinds may occur that require specific management (significant menstrual pain, polycystic ovary, metrorrhagia, etc.), regardless of the age factor.

In healthy adolescents, it is essential that parents have a good climate of communication and trust with our daughters. It is important to influence proper sexual hygiene, prevention of unwanted pregnancies and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, it is very important to follow current recommendations for the vaccine against human papillomavirus.

2. What is the first visit to the gynecologist?

The first gynecological examination consists of an examination of the breasts and vulva. If deemed appropriate, a cytology will be recommended. This will be done with a speculum and a swab through it to obtain a sample of cells from your cervix. These will be analyzed to verify that everything is going well.

4. After this first evaluation, how often is it recommended to do reviews?

There is no stipulated frequency, unless there is a suspicious lesion that requires close periodic monitoring. Trust the advice your gynecologist gives you.

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