Benefits for children of studying alone

Benefits for children of studying alone

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When starting a new year, habits and routines are set in motion that make it easier for children to cope with their homework and thus ensure their future success.

As the little ones go through the year, they have to assimilate more and more information to learn. Therefore, it will be necessary to create study habits that allow the child to achieve the objectives set. The best thing, without a doubt, is to teach them to study autonomously and independently, without having to depend on the help of their parents. Here you have all the benefits of studying alone for children.

As children grow and study habits are created, it is important that children learn to do it on their own. Getting it will mean multiple benefits for the little ones. Among them:

1. Studying will be more motivating. By studying alone, the child puts into practice perseverance and discipline, values ‚Äč‚Äčthat help increase the child's motivation when it comes to learning

2. Increase your self-esteem. Achieving the goals you set for yourself strengthens your self-esteem. The little one gives feedback, he sees that the more he studies alone, the more successes he achieves, so his desire to continue studying increases to achieve more goals.

3. It makes them more autonomous. This desire to achieve goals without help makes the child appear self-sufficient and makes him more independent.

It is often thought that it is from the age of 6, when children start primary school, the perfect time for children to learn to study on their own. But the reality is that each child is a world and has a different evolutionary rhythm. Therefore, adults will need to consider many other factors.

Some of these factors will depend on the personality of the child, others on the environment in which it is. These are:

- The autonomy of the child. It is important to know how independent the child is from the adult and the child's ability to solve problems on his own.

- The place where you study. The environment that surrounds the child must transmit comfort and peace. The little one has to feel comfortable in the environment in order to learn.

- The responsibility of the little one. The child must understand that he who must do his homework. Fulfilling or not with their duties will be exclusively their obligation. Therefore, it will be important to know the degree of responsibility that the child has before teaching him to study alone.

- Adult's role. Adults in the child's environment should play a cooperative role. That is, to support and guide the child during his evolution so that he acquires the necessary skills to acquire the habit of studying alone.

For children to acquire the necessary skills to be able to study on their own, the adults in their environment must have initiative and the ability to anticipate the needs of the little ones.

To achieve this, it will be helpful to follow these tips:

- Create study routines. Teach the child to generate a daily habit of school work in an orderly way so that he learns to be constant.

- Propose a study schedule. Try to get the child to complete homework or prepare for tests at the same times. When the course begins, it is advisable to allocate 15 minutes to perform the homework, increasing this time as the course progresses, but without exceeding 50 minutes. Also, teach that it is important that they regulate their study times. That is, they see the importance of combining rest times with work times.

- Create a study space. That the child has a certain area free of distractions, with light and that generates peace and tranquility in the child so that he can concentrate.

- Be guides. Parents can give a guide to the little ones teaching them different study techniques such as: making diagrams, summaries, concept maps, etc.

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