Stories for the child to stop wetting the bed: Juan sin pis

Stories for the child to stop wetting the bed: Juan sin pis

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There are Children's Stories that are true life lessons. This tale of Juan without pee is an example of it. A story that encourages, motivates and awakens the desire of children to control urine, not to pee on themselves or in bed. A story that speaks of courage and persistence, as weapons to face any problem and overcome it.

Many years ago, in a very distant country, there lived a very brave boy whom everyone called Juan Sin Pis.

One day he decided to leave his home to go in search of adventure.

Along the way, he found a lot of dangers that he could overcome without problems: witches, monsters, ogres ... but Juan Sin Pis was not afraid of anything.

Walking and walking, he came to a castle. There he learned that the king wanted to marry his daughter to the bravest knight in the kingdom; This knight had to pass a series of very hard tests: he had to defeat a dragon and kill two ogres.

Juan sin Pis then asked for the hand of the king's daughter and passed the tests without problem: he fought fiercely against the dragon and killed the ogres, for which he finally married the princess.

The princess and Juan Sin Pis had three children. Two of them were brave like Juan, but the little one was shy and peed on the bed.

Juan Sin Pis did not understand this behavior and left him without dessert every time he peed. The princess did not like that Juan behaved like this with her son, and one day she had an idea: during the night, she turned on the bathroom faucet for a few seconds and Juan Sin Pis peed himself without realizing it!

The next morning, seeing Juan surprised, the princess explained what had happened:

- I was the one who turned on the tap to make you want to pee. It has been so that you can see that this can happen to anyone.

Juan Sin Pis, the bravest of times, discovered that true courage was in facing oneself and one's own problems. From then on, her young son, feeling the support of his parents, no longer wet the bed at night.


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