Sayings to educate children

Sayings to educate children

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Sayings are popular sayings that teach, explain or advise something on a certain topic. They are very useful in the education of children, since through a simple sentence we can teach them how to act at certain moments in life.

Therefore, in We have made a selection of sayings for you to read and teach to your children. The vast majority will have heard them from their grandparents or even by yourself, so take the opportunity to explain their meaning, as it will be a lesson they will never forget.

- A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
It is better to value what you have to pursue unattainable dreams.

- He who does not learn is because he does not want to
If you put your mind to it, you can achieve many things in life.

- Whoever has a mouth makes mistakes
Do not be afraid to say something wrong.

- If the mountain does not come to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain
Waiting is not the best solution. Sometimes you have to go out in search of your goals.

- From said to fact there is a stretch
People can change their minds from one day to the next.

- Asking you arrive in Rome
The best way to find a solution is by asking.

- He who chops garlic eats
The person who gets angry has two options: be unhappy or stay angry.

- It's better to prevent than to cure
It is better to think things over before doing it because later the damage can be irreparable.

- If the river makes a noise its because water is running
Sometimes the rumors turn out to be true.

- Business before pleasure
To enjoy life, we first have to fulfill our obligations.

- Water that you should not drink, let it run
Before getting into trouble, it is best to let it be and forget about it.

- You have to give in order to receive
Before we expect to receive something, we have to be the first to lead by example.

- Like father Like Son
Children often resemble parents.

- Before doing anything, check with the pillow
The best decisions are made cold and after meditating overnight.

- Who goes wrong, ends badly
People who go astray often end up in the worst way.

- To bad weather, good face
You always have to face adversity in a positive way.

- Faith moves mountains
The important thing is to love. If you want you can.

- Knowledge does not take place
It is always good to expand your knowledge.

- Who sings, his evil scares
When we sing we externalize our happiness.

- Lost opportunity does not come back in life
We must not miss the opportunities that life gives us.

- Rooster does not sing, he has something in his throat
When a very active person is quiet, something happens to him.

- Where the captain rules, the sailor does not rule
It is always important to know how to respect hierarchies.

- Dress me slowly I'm in a hurry
The best way to be quick and efficient is to do everything in a calm and orderly manner.

- Better skill than strength
It is more important to be cunning than strong.

- Barking dog, little biter
People with a lot soon are usually the most harmless.

- Not by much getting up early it dawns earlier
You have to be patient in life.

- A gift horse does not look at the teeth
Gifts are more important for their sentimental value than for the material.

- Never say of this water I will not drink
You do not have to deny anything or anyone because you never know the turns that life takes.

- So much does the jug go to the source that in the end it breaks
By insisting, things are achieved.

- The one who sows winds, reaps storms
If you comment something bad, you don't expect anything good from it.

- The laundry is washed at home
If you have to argue with a person, it is best to do it in private

- every master has his own trick
Each person has a different way of acting.

- It never rains to everyone's liking
People have different tastes and you have to know how to respect them.

- I'm hot, people laugh
The important thing is to be comfortable with yourself. What others say should not matter to us.

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