Popular Bible Character Names for Boys

Popular Bible Character Names for Boys

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The influences to name the baby are very varied. While some are clear from the start, others find it harder to decide. Traditional names, strange names, names of popular characters ... the options multiply as well as the difficulty to decide on one name or another. Thinking about it, our site has gathered 10 names of biblical characters, with its origin and meaning, in case the parents like them for their baby.

Many parents choose names of characters from the Bible for their children. These are popular names, some better known than others, which are backed by tradition. We have selected a list of 10 biblical names so that you can choose the name of your baby.

1. Abel. Like the vast majority of Biblical names, this name is of Hebrew origin. Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve, who lived and died under the watchful and envious gaze of his brother Cain. A symbol of goodness and righteousness, Abel makes a lovely name.

2. Israel. The meaning of this name is "he who fights with God". It is the name given to the biblical patriarch Jacob. From there, the people of Israel are known to be the descendants of Jacob.

3. Jacob. It is the name Israel received from its birth. Son of Isaac his way to the promised land is narrated in the Bible. He had seven children, from whom came the famous seven tribes of Israel.

4. Isaac. The name means "the one who laughs" and he received it because, according to the biblical accounts, God told Abraham that he would be a father when he was 100 years old. He laughed because it seemed impossible, but the child was born and received the name Isaac.

5. Elijah. Although it is a frequent name in the Bible, the best known character is the prophet Elijah. The missions that God entrusted to him are related in The Books of the Kings and its most popular episode is his confrontation with a Canaanite woman, Jezebel.

6. Gabriel. In the meaning of this name we find all the strength and power of God. In the biblical tradition we are told of Gabriel as one of the archangels, specifically the one who announces to Mary that he is going to be the mother of Jesus.

7. Jonah. Its meaning alludes to a dove and this biblical character is well known for the episode in which he remains locked up inside a whale for three days. Finally, God took pity on him and the whale spits on this prophet who has given one of the most attractive names for boys.

8. Moses. It is a name of Egyptian origin that means "saved from the waters", in clear allusion to the biblical episode in which the child is abandoned in a basket in the waters of the Nile. It is one of the most important characters in the Bible, so there are a thousand stories about him to tell your baby.

9. Samuel. The meaning of this name is "to whom God listens." He was a biblical prophet, the one who chose Saul as the first king of the Jews. The popularity of this name is immense because it exudes charisma and personality.

10. Adam. Adam or Adam is the name of the first man, as the Bible tells. Its meaning refers to the "red earth", as it was created by God from clay. As a name for a boy it has become one of the most popular and appreciated by children.

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