Preadolescents. Children or teenagers?

When children reach pre-adolescence it seems that they are in limbo of the developmental stage and sometimes it even gives the feeling that are mature in some moments or very childish in others.

Being the father or mother of a 7-8-year-old child does not seem so complicated, but when they reach pre-adolescence (from the age of 9 to 12 approximately) there begin to be some changes.

- At this age children cease to be children but they are not yet adolescents. They are on 'that catwalk' that will last several years where they will begin to seek their independence at the same time that they will want to fit in with a group of equals ...

Emotions will be running high. Pre-adolescent children will seem very childish at times and beginning to understand things more coherently at others, but they are still children!

In preadolescence, even if they want to mark their identity and make it clear that they have very clear ideals or that they are not at all in accordance with the house rules, it is necessary to understand that children are still children and that on this catwalk they will continue to need the guidance and support of their parents.

- They will need a lot of love, the figure of the adult to help him shape his moral compass is essential, in addition, they will need support during these complicated years of transition where they go from being children to being adults.

Although preadolescence usually begins around the age of 9, it seems that lately this is beginning to change and it's getting earlier and earlier. Children want to grow faster and try to stop being children before their time, but the reality is that even if they want to, nature is wise and must follow certain rhythms. Girls until their hormones are revolutionized or their first period remain girls, and boys will remain boys until hormones begin to play their part.

During these years (which are usually between 2 and 6), children will need their parents support, a guide, a reference… But they will also need limits and rules to know what is expected of them at all times and to differentiate what is right from what is wrong. They also need to feel heard and understood in these times of change as they will have many unresolved questions about their physical and emotional changes. They will have childhood moments… and adolescence moments where everything is reeling in their mind.

Every boy and girl is a world, but preadolescence in girls can begin at 8 years and in children at 10. But they are only numbers, because it will depend on life, personal circumstances, genetics and the environment whether children enter pre-adolescence sooner or later. But no matter the time, they will need guidance from their parents at all times.

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