Izan's doubts. Story for children about the Tooth Fairy

Do you know the story of the Tooth Fairy? And his big secret? Discover with this story why Izan, a boy who was about to lose a tooth, had so many doubts.

Here you have 'Izan's doubts', a children's story about the Tooth Fairy great for reading to your child.

Izan was a very curious boy. He had been hearing about the Tooth Fairy for a while and now that his first tooth had begun to move, many doubts invaded him and there were things he did not understand. He wondered how it was possible that the Tooth Fairy had visited his grandparents, his parents, and everyone he knew and was still working. I didn't understand it.

Izan's grandfather, who saw the little boy worried, asked him:

- What's wrong? He wanted to know.

- I worry that the Tooth Fairy will forget about me. It has to bring surprises to many children every day and it is impossible to be in so many places at the same time. And besides, it must be very, very, very old.

It was time to reveal the great secret to Izan of the Ratoncito Pérez. The little boy, who had heard the word secret and there was nothing he liked more to know, sat on his grandfather's knee to listen very attentively.

This is how Izan discovered that the Tooth Fairy belonged to the world of Magic. There the years worked differently. Every time a fairy, an elf, a gnome or any inhabitant of that world of illusion heard the laughter of a child, their aging would stop, so they always stayed young and playful thanks to the laughter of the little ones.

Furthermore, long ago, the world of Magic had opened the School of Mr. Pérez. Many mice over the years had studied and had prepared well to be the great Pérez's assistants in his important task with the children. They knew everything about pillows, how to get through the wall to get to the little ones' bed without making noise or what surprise was the favorite of each child. They were well prepared. And those who had been the best students were those who were in charge of giving notice that a tooth was moving to Mr. Pérez so that he would visit the little one at night.

Izan was calm, now he was sure that the Tooth Fairy knew that his tooth was moving and he did not doubt that he would soon come to see him.

Has your child been attentive to the reading of this story? You can find out by asking these reading comprehension questions:

1. Why did Izan doubt the Tooth Fairy?

2. What secret did grandfather tell Izan?

3. Did Izan reassure herself when she learned the great secret of the Tooth Fairy?

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