A video shows the kidnapping of a child in broad daylight

A video shows the kidnapping of a child in broad daylight

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Chuan Chuan, just 6 years old, lived one of the worst nightmares that a child can live: a kidnapping. However, his case fortunately has a happy ending, and serves to warn, once again, all parents, about the danger that lies in wait for a single child. The kidnappers do not wait to be alone, or for the power to go out. Kidnappings occur in crowded places and in broad daylight. And if not, look at these images, those of a video showing the abduction of a child in broad daylight.

The images were collected by the security cameras of a recreational playground, and they served to help the police in searching for the kidnapper.

The little boy, victim of this kidnapping, is called Chuan Chuan and he's only 6 years old. He went with his father, a street fruit vendor, to a commercial area in the small village of Baofeng, in Kunming, China. The boy stayed playing in an arcade zone while his father worked. Chuan Chuan quietly played video games. It was 1 pm, and there were many people around the little boy, both children and adults.

In the images you can see how a man sits nearby and begins to observe the child. Every now and then she comes over to talk to him to gain some confidence. After a while, the child becomes more and more alone, and in a moment, the man who was observing him, takes advantage and takes the little one, without him being able to resist or any of those around seem to notice. the absence of the child.

But in this case, fortune stayed with the little boy, and, what at first could have ended in tragedy, had a happy ending. Three days later, the police managed to find Chuan Chuan's captor in Baoschan, some 400 kilometers away from where he was abducted. The boy was fine, and he told the police that he had been letting him play all those days. The father did not have any kind of relationship with the kidnapper.

Before a kidnapper, the most effective weapon is undoubtedly vigilance. If a child is alone for a long period of time in a crowded area, he becomes an easy target for captors. Although we have seen kidnappings even with the child's parents in front of them, most of the time, kidnappers choose children who are alone and who, due to their age, are not going to put up much resistance.

To avoid this, in addition to monitoring our son, we must teach him certain basic rules that can protect you from more than one possible captor:

1. Never talk to strangers. Yes, it is the most basic rule and the one that children forget before. It is difficult to resist answering a kind person who only asks how you are or what you are playing ... But we must try to internalize this mistrust towards strangers very well.

2. Never leave with anyone without your consent. Your child must understand that they should never go with anyone, even if they say they know you. Never with anyone without prior notice from you.

3. Establish a secret word for people authorized to pick you up. Imagine that one day you need someone else to take care of your child. You can establish a secret word between you and your child, which will be the word that the child should ask the person who says he or she is going to pick him up. This way, you will make sure that you are a person authorized by your parents.

4. Do not upload photos to social networks with personal data. An innocent photo of your child leaving school can be wonderful information for a kidnapper. Be careful, avoid sharing photos of your child online that reveal information such as where they live, the school they go to ...

5. Do not answer by phone or open if you are alone. One of the basic rules that we forget to remind our children is that they should never talk to strangers on the phone or open the door if they call when no one else is home.

6. Scream in case of capture. If in spite of everything your child is the victim of a kidnapping, you should know that the only thing he can do at that moment is to scream to alert people who are nearby.

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