Back to school. Paula's first day

Back to school. Paula's first day

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Today is the first day of school and Paula wakes up nervous. She feels older and wants to dress herself. For the first time in several months, she has had to put on socks and is wearing new shoes.

To have energy for the day, Mom tells him that before going to school, you have to have a good breakfast. Paula loves cookies with milk, but they don't fit in today, she's so nervous that she doesn't want to eat anything, so she drinks her milk and finishes breakfast.

On the way to school, he talks to his mother about everything that catches his attention from what he sees through the car windows. That morning, the street looks different, she is very happy. But when he arrives at school, he is suddenly very afraid and does not want to go in.

The teacher seems very good and doesn't stop smiling, but Paula wants to stay with her mother, go home and go to the park. Her mother says goodbye and that in a little while she will come to pick her up, but Paula is so sad that she does not want to go play with the other children and is left alone and in a corner of the class.

Paula realizes that the class is very pretty, it is decorated with very cheerful colors and there are many toys, but she does not want to play. Then Álvaro asks her if she wants to play ball with him and Paula cheers up. After the game, she sits down with him in the assembly and Paula is happy to have a new friend with whom she will have a great time, for the next few days.

Paula has changed her attitude, now she participates, plays, works and has fun. He is learning new things and has new friends. The morning has flown by and Mom has come to pick her up. She says goodbye to her teacher happy and with a see you tomorrow. He knows that he will return to school to have fun with his new friends.

In general, children who go for the first time or go back to a new school year, feel the same as Paula has felt. Expectations and emotions make them nervous and the first thing they feel is fear, suspicion of feeling unprotected, alone, and sad. For this reason, children must be taught that everything happens, that everything has its good and not so good side, and that at school, you can learn a lot.

A happy going to or back to school for your children!

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