How to draw a pig step by step

How to draw a pig step by step

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Learn to draw farm animals with these fun drawings to do with children. You can draw, color and cut the image to create your own farm. On that occasion we will teach you how to draw, step by step, a very nice pig, in an easy and simple way. Learn to draw a pig and then you teach it to your kids. You will surely have a very entertaining time together.

Follow these simple steps and learn to draw this cute pig with your children. You can also print it to paint and decorate it as you like. You choose!

1. Take a black marker and draw on a cardboard two circles that will be the head and body of the pig.

2. Now draw the eyes, and the nose to animate the piggy's face.

3. When you have the piggy's face you can draw the ears, the four legs and the tail.

4. Finally, color the hooves black and paint the pig's nose and ears pink.

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