The summer box. Children's story for the end of the holidays

The summer box. Children's story for the end of the holidays

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The worst of summer and holidays for children is the end of summer and holidays. It is then when the feeling of sadness and melancholy appears ... especially if during the summer the child made friends.

This tale, 'The summer box', speaks precisely of that feeling that appears at the end of the holidays, but offers us a possible solution to improve the mood of our son. Do not miss this beautiful children's story about the end of the holidays.

Pablo loved the summer. He thoroughly enjoyed getting up leisurely in the morning, wearing short sleeves, eating ice creams that were taller than his nose, riding his bike with his friends, or staying with the grown-ups to watch the sunset on the beach. But the same thing happened every year: when he had to say goodbye to the summer resort couldn't help feeling sad.

-What's the matter, Pablo? Her mother asked as she packed her bags back to routine.

-That until next year I will not throw water balloons with Nicolás again, nor will I go to the rocks to fish with Julia.

-And that makes you very sorry

-You are right

-Look, I have an idea to cheer you up ... take this blue box!. We will fill it with your memories so every time you open it, you will remember good times and you will be happy. Let's see, what do you think of saving?

-I can put a conch shell, the sticker I won from Marcos, the ticket to the summer cinema, the strawberry lolly stick that they only sell here, the marble I found in the sand ... I have many things to remember!

As Pablo put the objects in the box, he was feeling better and better. When he closed the lid, he said smiling:

"I'm not going alone anymore, I take all these memories with me”.

Help your child improve reading comprehension and attention by asking some questions about the story you just read. These are very simple questions ... will you be able to answer them?

1. What is the name of the protagonist of the story?

2. Why is Paul sad?

3. What does your mother give you?

4. What things does Pablo fill the box with?

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