4 causes of digestion cut in children

'If you go into the water after eating, your digestion will be cut off.' How many phrases like this have we heard?

exist many myths about the cut of digestion in children, that despite lacking any scientific basis, they continue to be transmitted as true. So now is the time to demystify them once and for all and look for the real reasons for the digestion cut: here you go the 4 causes of digestion cut in children. The real causes.

The fear of suffering a digestion cut, leads many parents to forbid their child to bathe after eating ... And all because of numerous myths that are still believed today. However, the true reasons for digestion cutting are others. Here are the 4 most dangerous causes of digestion failure in children:

1. The sudden change in temperature. The great myth that many parents still believe in is that you need to wait a few hours for your child to have time to digest after eating, before getting into the water. In reality, the problem is not in getting into the water, but in sudden changes in temperature. If, for example, you notice that the external temperature is very high and the water temperature is very low, the contrast can be decisive and cause a digestion cut. But why? Because to digest, the body needs a large amount of blood to digest, and if the body suddenly comes into contact with very low temperatures in the middle of the process of digestion, the blood will have to be distributed throughout the body to counteract that loss of body temperature. This will cause dizziness and vomiting, and the contrast is very strong, it can even cause a loss of consciousness.

So more than controlling the time that has passed after the meal, control the outside temperature and the temperature of the water. That the water in the pool or the sea is not too cold. If it is cold, you should teach your child to enter the water little and to accustom the body to that lower temperature by wetting the arms and neck first.

2. After eating too large a meal and exercising. When you eat too much and start exercising after eating, something similar happens to what happens when you enter the water and there is a very high contrast of temperatures: the blood, concentrated in a specific point of the body, must be distributed throughout the body because it needs oxygen. In this case, the digestion cut can also occur.

3. Sweating a lot and sunbathing too much after eating. Although it is less frequent, the fact of sweating a lot and sunbathing excessively, can cause an internal temperature contrast that affects the digestion process.

4. Foods rich in fat and sugar. There are also some foods that are very rich in fat or sugar that can help cut digestion. It is recommended that the meals be light and hydrating when you go to the beach or the pool or when you go to do some sport or intense physical activity.

Take into account all these ssignals to detect a possible digestion cut on your child to act in time:

- General malaise: chills, excessive sweating ...

- Stomach ache.

- Dizziness and nausea.

- Pale skin or hives.

- Low blood pressure and pulse.

- Blurry vision.

- Fainting.

Before reaching lipothymia, we must stop the symptoms of digestion cut as soon as possible. If you notice that your child is dizzy, he should get out of the water and stop physical exercise.

Lay down your son and elevate your legs so blood flows to your head and keep its temperature stable. To do this, you must cover him with a towel or some clothing. This will be the most effective way to prevent fainting.

Afterwards, the diet should be liquid, since it is most likely that your child will end up vomiting or suffer from diarrhea.

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