The butterfly cruise. Poetry with rhyme for children

The butterfly cruise. Poetry with rhyme for children

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Poetry is not just for adults. There is a branch of poetry, children's poetry, aimed at the little ones, to promote the pleasure and taste of reading from the first stages.

Read poetry with your children and encourage them to make up their own verses, including rhymes. You will see how they have fun. Here is an example of poetry with rhyme for children: The butterfly cruise.

I was floating through the water

a big rose petal

and to rest he settled

a beautiful butterfly.

With the river current

through its channel he sailed,

without losing any detail

he enjoyed the views.

As a cabin boy on a ship

the butterfly sailed

and in his memory it remained

as a prodigious feat.

What do children learn when you introduce poetry at an early age?

  • They learn new vocabulary.
  • They delve into emotions and feelings.
  • They promote the pleasure of reading.
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity.
  • They learn about the most important educational values.
  • Children exercise memory.

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