What is resilience and why is it so important to our babies?

Children experience, through day to day, everything that surrounds them in their world. That experience gained from exploration is part of his growth.

Letting our children touch, investigate, stain, interact with other children, try new things ... they are part of learning, so we also help to promote their resilience. The resilience It is the ability of the human being to face any situation, even the most adverse, in a positive way. In an ever-changing world like the one we live in, this quality is more important than ever.

Growing up is an adventure, and children need to experiment in their day-to-day life since they are babies. To develop and face the world, they must first know it: try new foods, meet new friends, relate and resolve conflicts with them, fail and get up again, feel the rainwater falling, go cold and hot, in short, expose themselves to the inclement of the daily world ...

We must avoid overprotecting them and not preventing their contact with the world around them, since that could make them more afraid, immature and unhappy children, since they can never face problems on their own. If you want to help your child grow, you must teach explore your surroundings and to face the problems that you are sure to encounter.

Resilience is not a static capacity, but rather it develops throughout life. That is why it is positive to let the child discover and experience the world. Each experience will help you build your resilience. Any curious and inspiring experience can help build your baby's resilience. Being in contact with other children and the environment is a great way to experience the world.

An important foundation for building resilience is a healthy immune system: this prepares your child for experiences in the outside world to help build resilience.

In this sense, food is a basic and very important pillar for the growth of the child, and not only because of all the nutrients that are essential for the growth of bones and muscles, but because nutrition plays a particularly important role in the development of the system. immune. Continuous supply of valuable nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, and D, is essential for a healthy immune system. With a ready immune system, your child is ready to discover the world.

At birth, your baby's immune system is still immature. The human immune system develops throughout life; he trains and learns. The immune system is mainly formed during the first three years. During this time, a balanced and healthy diet will provide your child with all the essential nutrients he needs so that his immune system can develop optimally.

Based on 40 years of research, follow-on milks, with vitamins A, C, and D, help build your immune system so you can experience the world more prepared.

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