The disobedient gorillas. Poetry with values ​​for children

The disobedient gorillas. Poetry with values ​​for children

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Use short poetry and rhymes to improve your child's attention. They are also fantastic tools to transmit values.

On this occasion we suggest you read to your child 'The disobedient gorillas', a short poem about two little gorillas playing and playing without heeding the older gorilla's warning. They will soon understand why they must obey and be more cautious.

In the jungle of Rwanda

a silver back,

see two little gorillas,

jumping from high branches.

They chase each other

screaming loudly,

they play on very thin branches,

with more and more danger.

The silver back

the attention is going to call them,

"Jump down lower branches

or you will end up crying "

But baby gorillas

they jump without paying attention

and calling him grumpy

they have gone to the highest tree.

As they are disobedient,

both gorillas at the same time

they have fallen with the weight,

next to the split branch.

They get up in pain

and they have started to cry,

the bump on their heads,

it hurts more and more.

The silver back

how you see them up,

scratched his head

and has looked the other way.

Help your son to understand the message of the poem and find out if he was listening to what he was listening to. Do you know how? You can help yourself with these questions:

  • What were the two gorillas doing?
  • What did the older gorilla tell them?
  • Did the little gorillas listen to him?
  • What happened to them for disobeying?

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