The terrible joke of a monitor to a child before jumping down a zip line

"A lot of children have fallen here over the years, but not all of them have died." This is one of the controversial phrases that the monitor a child before going down the zip line scared to death in a summer camp.

It was about one monitor joke, which ended up scaring the child, who wanted to get off the activity because of the fear he had, and that makes us rethink: how far should the jokes we make to children go?

You don't have to be a bright light to realize that this child is having a bad time. The monitor asks him at the beginning of the activity if he is afraid, and he affirms that he is. Surprisingly, the monitor, instead of reassuring the child, gives him all series of explanations, to which more sui generis with the aim of frightening him.

The joke may have been funny if it had been done to an adult, and I only say "can" because more than one would have gotten off the hulk at the first sentence.

The child was on the zip line launch pad, listening to the instructions on the monitor, with phrases such as: "If the rope breaks and you fall, try to fall on the wheels. The helmet is made of bad plastic, but something will cushion you."

The joke continues, although the child does not laugh at all, and even goes so far as to say: "" You are scaring me, I don't want to fuck anymore. "But the monitor he does not know how to stop the joke, and continues with the phrase: "in case you see that the rope is going to break ...".

The video has circulated like wildfire on social networks, and several media outlets have even broadcast it on television. In the face of criticism, the monitor has defended itself saying that it is a joke that he has been doing every year and that he had never had problems. That it was a agreed joke previously with parents and that has been taken out of context.

I do not really know if the parents agreed that their son lived this experience, which supposedly should have been fun, as a real ordeal; Or, if they really didn't know how their son was going to react; the truth is that it is a Joke of bad taste - Disagreeable joke pushed beyond the limit, which amuses nothing more than the one who does it.

Finally, the boy ends up jumping down the zip line, driven by another person and on the verge of cryingwhile the monitor comments to someone else, "I love it when they pout, man."

Without a doubt, this is a video that invites us to reflect on Where is the limit in the jokes we make to children? ...

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