Infant colic is relieved by osteopathy

Infant colic is relieved by osteopathy

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The infant colic it is the most common and sometimes most painful affliction in our babies. The continuous crying of the baby places a great emotional, psychological and physical burden on parents. Thanks to Manual Medicine Osteopathic can we alleviate this problem through massages.

Infant colic is a pathology that affects between 6 and 30 percent of infants. A problem that is corrected only after 4 or 5 months of life, but that makes those who suffer from it suffer a lot.

We tell you how infant colic is alleviated with osteopathy.

The definition of infant colic dates back to the 1950s, when Wessel established the criteria that are used to date. According to this author, they are a complex symptom that is defined as a paroxysmal crying crisis or irritability of the baby, which occurs in a previously healthy child, also including signs of gastric discomfortAlong with the distension or bloating of the stomach, the knees are brought to the belly, excess gas, and a facial expression of the baby indicating great discontent and discomfort.

The length and quality of a baby's cry are the hallmark of colic. The duration of symptoms follows the 3: 3 rule, which responds to 3 hours of crying a day, for at least 3 days a week, for 3 weeks. Infant colic begins in the first month of life, peaks at two months, and they are resolved in the 4th-5th month of life. They have been associated with prenatal maternal anxiety, tobacco smoke from smoking mothers, and sensitivity to cow's milk protein.

There are different hypotheses to justify the appearance of colic, from food intolerances, to immaturity of both the digestive and nervous systems, to the presence of dysfunctions in the spine, together with irritation of the vagus nerve at the base of the skull. On the one hand, we have an immature and overstimulated nervous and digestive system (closely linked) after childbirth.

These inconvenience we have to add stresses to the baby's chest, spine, skull base and first cervical spine, which interfere with the proper function of the body (as it would occur in an adult). These dysfunctions cause breast milk to not process well, ferment and generate more gas. If the mother also suffered from stress, smokes, takes vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage ..., excess caffeine, bananas or very spicy foods, it is very likely that the baby will develop colic.

Osteopathic treatment consists of evaluating the areas of tension in the baby's body, and in apply very gentle and precise techniques in these dysfunctions, to eliminate this tension, with special emphasis on the head, subjected to great pressure during childbirth, the diaphragm, to allow the expulsion of air and relax the stomach, and the intestine, relaxing the muscles of your wall and thus calming the irritation. In 2-3 sessions of 30 minutes the baby is happy again and without colic.

Ignacio Diaz Cerrato
Osteopath specialist in babies and pregnant women. Physiotherapist.
Director of Govés. Osteopathy and Physiotherapy
Professor at the Madrid School of Osteopathy
Adjunct Professor at the Camilo José Cela University.

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