Why we should not give children gifts for good grades

Why we should not give children gifts for good grades

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The end of the school year is accompanied by an envelope containing the grades from the last quarter along with the final average grade resulting from all the work the child has done during the course.

At this time, two things can happen, that there is a drama at home because the grades have not been expected or that there is a party because the child has finished the course in an excellent way. Well, the reaction has to be neither one nor the other. On our site we explain why we should not give children gifts for good grades.

A very common question among parents is:Should I reward my child for getting good grades? The child has worked hard and many parents tend to reward their child with toys, video games, or even video game consoles. It is the reward for all your months of effort.

And it is that, some parents think that, in the same way that they receive financial compensation for doing their work, it is fair that children receive a reward for having obtained good grades.

In any case, it is a mistake to give gifts to children for good grades. Why? Our children must progressively understand that the learning process is part of their responsibilities. Our role is to recognize it and value it, because we know it is good for them, but not to reward it financially.

What can happen if we give gifts for academic success to our children?

  • It does not encourage children: Children will be motivated by the reward and the prize, not doing their job, learning to be responsible, overcoming difficulties, developing their potential and, above all, knowing the satisfaction of a job well done.
  • Encourage materialism: it is a way of teaching the child that he has to be rewarded materially when he does something well. Children have many toys, having more will not make them more materialistic.
  • Generates frustrationIf you promise your children prizes for having excellent grades and the child only manages to pass, they will be frustrated.
  • The learning process is distorted: the greatest reward for good grades is learning. This is what children should learn. If they get gifts, they may come to think that the goal of going to school is to get gifts, not to learn.
  • We do not promote the value of responsibility: Children will not be responsible if they do not learn that it is good for them to do their homework.

Giving young children gifts for getting good grades is not a good idea. However, it is necessary for parents to acknowledge a job well done and the effort made, even if the results are not as desired.

It is important to reinforce the child, praise the work done, show love and affection and even celebrate good grades with a family activity such as going to the movies.

Ana Herrero:Psychologist and coordinator of the Guidance Department of the Brains International Schools group.

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