10 original girl names for geek parents

Choosing the name of your baby is, without a doubt, something very important, since it will be the way in which you call him all his life: when they call at school, when they call him on the phone, when he has to give information ... Every time it is more frequent discard the 'Inheritance option'(that the son is named after the father or mother. Without further ado) and the'Classic option'(the names of all life). And although the 'Trend option'(the fashionable names in the year the baby is born) or the' Transgressive option '(the rare ones, brought from other cultures or even invented) have their followers, the audiovisual and leisure culture is imposing the'geek option', which is none other than giving the little girl a name directly related to a character in a movie, novel, series, comic, video game ... that you like.

The difficult thing here is to be careful not to cross that fine line that separates a geek, but beautiful, name from a really eccentric. And it is that: Beware of ruining our little girl's life for a hobby!

We leave you a list of original girl names for geek parents.

Until recently, some laws prohibited such names, preventing outbursts of emotion from geeky moms and dads. That's why we don't have kids named Mazinger walking our streets. But times are changing and the laws are becoming more lax and permissive. Therefore, here we propose some geek names for girls that are already being entered in the Civil Registry. Choose which one will be yours.

- Leia: 'Star wars'is undoubtedly one of the most important sagas on the big screen that has legions of followers, so it is not strange that the dads and moms who adore their characters want to call their daughters that. Here, without a doubt, Princess Leia triumphs. They are Han Solo's wife and Luke Skywalker's sister. Carrie Fisher has been the actress in charge of giving life to this character who, if she identifies for something, is, among other things, by her unique hairstyle made up of two side 'rocks'.

- Arwen and Galadriel: Talking about geeks is indisputably referring to the countless fans of the literary, and later cinematographic, saga of 'The Lord of the rings', created by the imagination of J. R. Tolkien. So much so that many parents have not hesitated to use the names of their characters to baptize their little ones. The most used in its female version is that of Arwen, an elf who renounces her immortality for her love for Aragorn. Liv Tyler is the actress who brings the character to life in the Peter Jackson films. Galadriel is an elf of the Noldor clan with the ability to penetrate the minds of others. It was embodied in the cinema by Cate Blanchett.

- Arya, Sansa and Daenerys: The community of little girls who bear these names does not stop growing. 'Game of Thrones'(the literary saga on which it is based is grouped under the title of' A Song of Ice and Fire ') has become the most watched television series of all time and we are still waiting for the last season to return to make it current. Arya, Sansa and Daenerys are his three great female leads. Arya and Sansa are Star sisters. The events of the saga make them heroines who seek to avenge the memory of their family. Daenerys bears the hallmarks of the Targaryen houses and titles such as those of Khaleesi, Queen of the Andals, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains ... Without a doubt, an enviable life curriculum.

- Lisbeth: is a fictional character created by the Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson. Miss Salander is the protagonist of the literary series'Millennium'which has also been made into a movie. This character has been described as the "face of the new feminism", the "new heroine of the XXI century" or "metaphor of cultural subversion".

- Lara: 'tomb Raider'is one of the most famous video games of recent times that managed to make the leap to the cinema, where it took the face and body of Angelina Jolie. The protagonist is called Lara and, although it is not an excessively strange name, she managed to put it back in fashion with her unique adventures and acrobatics. Lara Croft is an English archaeologist, with a marvelous physiognomy, great appeal and undeniable intelligence.

- Xena: 'The warrior Princess'is today a cult television series that starred actress Lucy Lawless. It is an adventure fiction that mixes history and mythology. We don't know to what extent Xena's battle cry burst the eardrums of some parents addicted to television in the 90's. But, as Sabina would say: “girls don't want to be princesses anymore”… They also want to be warriors.

- Hermione: is the female protagonist of the saga of Harry Potter (J. K. Rowling), voiced and given a face on the big screen by Emma Watson. She stands out for being one of the most intelligent of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hermione's name is derived from William Shakespeare's ‘Winter's Tale’ and has to do with Greek mythology as well.

- Heidi: If we believed that the serial phenomenon was the exclusive property of the Millennial generation, we are wrong. 'Heidi'marked an era and, set in the Swiss Alps, the series proved that love for a grandfather has no limits. This little girl has given international fame to her writer Johanna Spyri, who published a book full of innocence, where human values ​​and love towards Nature are highlighted.

- Scarlett: is the charismatic protagonist of Margaret Mitchell's novel, 'gone With the Wind', and the subsequent film of the same name, where Vivien Leigh was in charge of giving life to Scarlett O'Hara. This character was characterized by his perseverance and determination, as well as by his flirtation with men.

- Phoebe: of the well-known 'Friends'and played by Lisa Kudrow. The character of this series from the 90s with more character inspires us with an irredeemably attractive name. She is still a child at heart, but she also shows wisdom. His naivety is a running joke throughout the episodes.

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