How to help the baby to crawl through games

The crawling phase is the first step to the child's independence. From this moment the child will be able to move to where he wants, so he will no longer depend 100 percent on you as before. If you want a toy, you can move and go get it. If you get bored in one place you can go do something else. In this way, your exploration and learning ability will be increased.

We tell you how you can help the baby to crawl through games.

It is very important that we spend quality moments with our babies. Also if at this time we can enhance their development and their learning. It will be better. Next we are going to see a series of games or activities to help the baby to crawl, which we can do with them so that they start and improve their crawling skills.

Babies must have contact with the ground. It comes in handy for them to play with them lying on the ground. For this we can use a fat blanket so that the baby does not hurt himself.

- Before the child begins to crawl we can work the muscles of the legs. What we do is with the palm of the hand, we place it on the sole of the foot and without using much force we shrink the knee. The child will try to force himself to stretch his leg, so we play with less and more force so that he exercises the leg muscles. Then we will do it with the other one and we end up doing it with both at the same time.

- We get behind the baby and we squat it while we hold him so that he does not fall, but we let the baby force his legs to stand up.

- For crawling, the baby exercises lying on his stomach. We can motivate you with toys to try to reach them.

- Lying face down. We shrink her legs and we put our hands on the soles of their feet. By straining the baby will move and feel very satisfied with what he has achieved.

- Once the baby has strength in the legs. Must work posture. It is good that we use a cylinder of psychomotor skills in his tummy when he is face down to help him hold on. If we don't have the cylinder we can always use our hand holding it a little.

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