Rubber sandals: the most dangerous footwear for children

Rubber sandals: the most dangerous footwear for children

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Rubber or plastic beach sandals or sandals have been the star footwear for years to prevent children from getting burned by the sand. We have used them for generations and we certainly have not burned the soles of our feet, but in return, we have suffered the consequences of wearing rubber footwear.

The last to denounce the damage caused by these sandals has been Lisa Connor, who has shared on social networks images of the shocking injuries suffered by her daughter Esme to her feet, after wearing funny but dangerous pink plastic sandals for 30 minutes. Have your kids ever used them?

Photos: Mercury Press

Esmé Connor suffered cuts to the ankle after wearing pink plastic sandals that he had received for his birthday. The images have been around the world and have been shared hundreds of times to warn other parents of the risk posed by this footwear. His mother also decided to share the brand of flip flops: Next Jelly, as a warning.

It was, as the image shows, low-cost rubber sandals that made the girl's foot unable to perspire. You don't have to think about it too much, it is pure and hard plastic and is used in times of heat.Blisters, cuts and abrasions are more than likely.

Are not better crocs or Hawaiian clogs 'made in China' And it is that, although it seems that they are made of cork or plastic, they are usually made with resins and other recycled plastic products that come from containers used to store pesticides. The fun colors that they wear and that attract the attention of children also have a high content of lead.

In addition to the injuries that these materials can cause on the child's foot, there is another danger: in recent times there have been accidents and complaints due to the use of crocs clogs that get hooked on escalators causing terrible injuries to some children. Cases occur around the world, from Japan to the United States via Singapore.

The homologated crocs, the originals, are made with a material called croslite that, in addition to being comfortable, hygienic and resistant to bad odors, is very adherent and antibacterial. It is very common to see medical professionals wear them for your comfort and safety.

So if we do not want our children to have injuries like Esmé Connor's, it is essential invest in quality footwear and not be guided so much by the impulse of the child or ours when seeing original shoes. This way, our children will not suffer the rigors of those fun and dangerous sandals that we sometimes buy in markets and unreliable shops.

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