The prisoner cricket. Children's poem about freedom

The prisoner cricket. Children's poem about freedom

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Freedom is not an easy concept to explain to children, perhaps it is easier to convey its meaning through stories or stories. This children's poem about freedom is one such example.

We invite you to read with your children The prisoner cricket, a new and original poem that transmits to children in a few lines the meaning of the word freedom. A poem to learn to love reading while children acquire new concepts.

Inside a box

a prisoner cricket,

hear a child speak to him

through a hole:

Why don't you sing cricket?

I know you do it right

I listen to you at night

and at dawn

The cricket responds

who is saddened,

who is sick

in the box put.

Thinks the child then

what the cricket says,

be cooped up

it's not very funny.

Has opened the box

and in the dark,

the happy cricket is heard

sing in freedom.

Children's poems tell small stories in verse to children, if you want to know if your child really understood the meaning of the poem The prisoner cricket, you can ask them these questions:

  • Who is the protagonist of the poem?
  • Where is it located?
  • What does the child do to help you?
  • How does the cricket feel at the end of the poem?

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