The sock of the sun. Funny poems for kids

The sock of the sun. Funny poems for kids

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The sock of the sun is a short poem for children written by the poet Marisa Alonso SantamarĂ­a. A fun poem for children It is about the sun that is so cold that he puts on warm clothes but while he sleeps he loses a sock to make a very special trip until he reaches a small ant.

Through stories in verse we can transmit to our children the love of reading and the pleasure of reading poetry.

The cold sun

it has been cold,

he puts on socks

and warm clothes.

How tired

falls asleep

and a white sock

in the night has lost

When he wake up

Look around,

ask the moon

and the big bear.

The pole star

see his sock,

he tells the sun

when it will come out.

See it between the clouds

flying to earth,

a toad sees it too

fall in the grass

But it was an ant

which is very cool,

who wears the sock

and takes it warm.

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