Diagnosis and treatment of Asperger's in children

Diagnosis and treatment of Asperger's in children

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Being a disorder recently recognized by the scientific community, it is logical that it is still unknown to the general population and even by many professionals. For this reason, many cases of Asperger's are not diagnosed or they receive a wrong diagnosis in the first instance. .

However, it is important to establish an early diagnosis in the Asperger syndrome to be able to guide an adequate treatment and not worsen the child's situation, which would mean a picture of low self-esteem, school failure, depression for the child with Asperger's Syndrome. We tell you everything about the diagnosis and treatment of Asperger's in children.

Most cases of Asperger Syndrome they are diagnosed at the age of 7 years. According to the American Psychiatric Association, diagnostic criteria are based on the following guidelines:

1. In the qualitative difficulties of social interaction
2. In restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activities that manifest
3. In a clinically significant disability in the social, occupational and other important areas of development
4. In no significant clinical delay in language
5. In no clinically significant delay for their chronological age, in cognitive development, self-help and adaptation skills, or curiosity about the environment
6. Criteria for another Pervasive Developmental Disorder, or Schizophrenia, are not met.

A treatment plan can only be established when there is a joint work between parents, educators and doctors. However, there are some rules of protection for a child with Asperger Syndrome to consider, and they need to be observed:

1. They don't like to have their routine broken. They must be previously prepared when you have to apply some change in your life.
2. Rules must be applied very carefully and with some flexibility.
3. Use the areas of learning that interest you. Teachers should take full advantage of the areas that arouse the child's interest, and try to make the teachings concrete and objective.
4. You can reward yourself with activities that interest you the child when he has performed a task satisfactorily.
5. Use visual tools in education of these children because they tend to respond very well to them.
6. Avoid confrontation. They don't understand rigid displays of authority or anger. They can become inflexible and stubborn.
7. You have to teach them to make friends, encouraging his participation in a group, and reinforcing his colleagues who also encourage him to participate. Usually, medication is contraindicated in the treatment process. However, in specific situations, such as states of anxiety, depression or inattention, they can use it, always under the strict guidance of the doctor.

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