Lip exercises to improve children's pronunciation

Lip exercises to improve children's pronunciation

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When the children begin to speak, that funny “rag tongue” appears that we all love.

This mispronunciation, which confuses the S with the Z and the C, or eats the letters of the words, is very common during the first years of learning to speak, but as the child progresses in his language, he should improve that pronunciation slowly.

When the child it costs him to pronounce certain syllables or letters, and even, in cases of atypical swallowing, we can teach the child to do some lip exercises to solve this mispronunciation.

There are speech problems that can be solved with a few exercises at home. They are those complications in which the child must strengthen some muscles related to speech such as lips or tongue.

Breathing through the mouth, atypical swallowing, or the mispronunciation of some letters are some of these problems that, in some cases, have an easy solution by doing certain training constantly.

It is advisable to do a mixture of cost-diaphragmatic breathing exercises, chewing exercises, tongue exercises, or lip exercises. In this case we are going to show you what the lip exercises that you can do with children, that in addition to improving their speech, you will make them have a great time.

Lip exercises:

1- Put "nose". Pucker your lips for 10 seconds.

2- Nose-smile alternatively.

3- Put "nose" and in that position move the lips from right to left.

4- Put “nose” and in that position open and close the lips.

5- Give Kisses short and long.

6- Stretch your lips with your pinkies and then force your lips to try to close them.

7- Hold a button (tied to a thread that will remain outside the mouth) with your lips (never with your teeth) and pull the thread out without letting the button fall.

8- Insert the open index and middle fingers in the right corner and press the lips together to try to join the fingers. Repeat the exercise in the left corner.

9- Hold a pen between the nose and the lips. Side weights, such as clay balls, can be added.

10- Inflate the cheeks and hold this position for 10 seconds. Keep breathing through the nose.

If the child does these exercises every day for 5 minutesLittle by little, you will acquire much more skill when it comes to pronouncing certain words.

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