7 essential habits of happy mothers

7 essential habits of happy mothers

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What do you prefer: happy children or perfect children? We try to make our children perfect, while we are not. We try to make our children happy, while we are not. Makes sense?

How are we going to give what we do not have, or how are we going to be a model for something that we are not. Stop and reflect: are you a happy mother? What do you need to become one? Or what do you do to be? That is why today we are going to write down the habits that, from now on, can make us feel better, even happy, so that we do not have to teach our children anything, but rather be the model we want them to end up being. Write down these 7 essential habits of happy mothers.

Perfection does not exist, but there is, within imperfection, happiness (more or less achieved). But, How to become a happy mother Despite the stress, life setbacks and tension accumulated by parenting? By practicing these seven habits:

1. You are not a perfect mother. Of course, the first habit to deal with is 'stop trying to look like the perfect mother'. We are all here to learn and enjoy life, and we know that seeking perfection, we always have 'I could have done better'. In these cases, I often wonder, who could you have done better for? For you or for others?

2. Take some time to yourself. Mother's time is precious, and it is very much enjoyed when we really feel good about ourselves, for this, take your time. Look for those moments that fill you with energy and charge your batteries, or else, you will feel that you are not giving your best. (A walk, sports, reading, painting, writing, sewing, dancing, poetry ...).

3. Don't be so critical of yourself… Do things, and if you feel that you could have done better, for the next time you try. Take care of your inner language, because if you do not speak well to yourself, sooner or later, it will manifest on the outside, and it may be with your children or your partner. Rate yourself !!

4. Be honest with yourself. Do what you really feel in your heart, do not wait for the opinion of others to decide, or have expectations in what you think or do. The heart is always, always, right. Let yourself be felt: close your eyes and observe your body according to the thought you are having, the same you have a chill, a palpitation, a smile… there is the answer of your heart, follow it!

5. Learn from mistakes, and forget guilt. Do not beat yourself up thinking that you are guilty of something, in any case, you are responsible and as such, next time you will do it and you will feel differently. Don't do it, and don't let them do it with you.

6. Spend time with the really important people. Spend time with your friends, family and above all, your partner. Once a week or a month, spend time with people, who you know will give you a different feeling (outside the children's environment). If you are not well with your partner, your children, they will notice or perceive it, and of course, feel it.

7. Communicate and express the LOVE you feel. Don't be shy about expressing your feelings. Hug, laugh, talk with your eyes, caress ... Living in the energy of love continuously, will make you receive love to revert back to the people who surround you and love you. "Emotions are contagious"; therefore stay away from fear or else you will pass it on too.

This article is dedicated to mothers, but equally, we can change the title to: '7 HABITS OF HAPPY PARENTS', and the result would be the same.

By last, remember that children will grow up, and this stage of life will also pass… And finally: children do not need perfect mothers, but happy mothers.

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