In search of the yes. Children's story about limits

In search of the yes. Children's story about limits

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This is a story that teaches us that negative education only causes problems. That limits should only be set by oneself, and that breaking established barriers often makes us happier.

It is a story that encourages children to pursue their dreams and not be afraid of what they will say. This is a children's story about a princess who didn't want to be a princess.

Daniela had been asking herself many questions for a while, for which she could not find answers. Ever since he could remember, his family had educated and taught him be a princess. At first it was fun. She was always surrounded by luxurious and colorful dresses and had a room full of toys just for herself. There were also many parties attended by many people who came from far away places and who brought him many gifts.

But being a princess started to not be so much fun. When all the children went out to the playground to play with the ball, there was always a voice that reminded her that she should not participate because it would stain her precious dress and a princess should never get dirty. Similarly, she must not climb the swings or she would end up with matted hair and would be compared to a beggar. Now the word he heard the most around him was DO NOT: "You should not do this", "It is not right for you to behave that way" ... No, no, no ... there was always a "no".

Daniela had to learn to make delicious cakes, but what she liked was eating them. Daniela should Learn to dance the palace dances, but she preferred to jump. Daniela should have known how to play a musical instrument, but she sought silence to play chess.

Daniela no longer wanted to be a princess. Sad and head down, she had been roaming the palace ever since. His family began to worry. But he soon realized that the only important thing was to be happy. And that's how they encouraged Daniela to jump, to play with the ball, to eat cakes that would stain her dresses ... Laughter returned to the palace and Daniela has since become the "Princess who had defeated NO."

Thanks to the support of her family, Daniela exceeded the expectations of what was expected of her in order to be free and decide what to do and what to be. He discovered and proved that the labels put on people, such as being a princess, only serve as limits and that the YES is always more fun and enriching than the NO.

Find out if your child has understood the story with these simple reading comprehension questions.

As the child progresses in his reading level, he will acquire a greater reading comprehension of the text. This factor is decisive for the child to feel the love of reading.

- Why couldn't Daniela stain her dress?

- Did Daniela like being a princess?

- What things could Daniela do as a princess?

- Was she happy Being a princess?

- In the end, how did you solve your problem?

- Would you like to be a princess or a prince?

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