Lack of affection slows the growth of children

It's surprising but affective deficiency increases the child's chances of developing frequent infections because their defense mechanisms are not working as they should. The lack of affection and affection also produces a significant degree of stress and anxiety in children, and hinders their learning.

There is no doubt that affection is a basic need in raising children. Affection brings parents closer to their children, creates a channel of communication between them, says more than many words. We explain why the lack of affection delays the growth of children.

We knew that the bond and the affection of the parents is essential in the development of the children. But until now we thought it was only on an emotional and psychological level. However, studies affirm that parental affection wields a far greater power. In fact, it also affects the physical development of children.

Rejection, abandonment, and ignorance are NOT constructive attitudes. The immune system of lacking children, such as the children who were in a reception center, who had to be separated from their parents and families for various reasons, or who lived in precarious conditions, with minimal resources and many difficulties, it is more fragile, and makes these children more prone to developing diseases.

Various studies and various doctoral theses have shown that children are shorter than normal when there is an inhibition of the pituitary-adrenal system which, in extreme cases, can prevent the adequate production of certain hormones. That is associated with affective deficiency that these children present due to the daily lack of affection and attention necessary to have harmony, both in their internal environment and in the world around them.

The affection, attention and affection, especially in the first years of a baby's life, are important tools in stimulation, to build good self-esteem, and to develop confidence and respect for oneself and for others.

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