They force a pregnant woman to endure contractions and her baby almost died

They force a pregnant woman to endure contractions and her baby almost died

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The case of Laura Cáceres makes the hair stand on end. And the worst is not so much what happened but how it happened. The fact is that it is the (real) story of a pregnant woman who was scheduled for delivery, but the delivery came naturally early. And what happened? The nurses laughed and made fun of her while the woman tried by all means to endure and endure the pain and the urge to push.

Chilling story of some doctors that force a pregnant woman to endure contractions in a humiliating way. The result? Don't stop reading their story.

Do you remember the moment (intense moment) of the contractions? And in the case of not having an epidural or if it did not work for you, that tremendous urge to push when the moment of birth arrives? Imagine that just at that moment they force you to stop. You can imagine it?

This is what happened to Laura Cáceres, an Argentine mother who was scheduled for a delivery but was surprised by the delivery prematurely. The woman, at the first symptoms, decided to go to the Morón hospital (Buenos Aires, Argentina). But when he got there, he encountered the worst of his nightmares ...

The doctors who treated her thought it would take a long time to dilate and feel the contractions, but they came like a torrent, fast and intense. To each complaint of the pregnant woman, the matrons laughed and mocked. They came to say:

- 'If you liked opening your legs, now hold this.'

And despite the woman's cries of pain, they didn't stop laughing and mocking, while adding that that was not the scheduled time of delivery. And despite the fact that she noticed that her baby in some ultrasounds had presented tachycardias and that she was afraid for him, they did not pay any attention to her. What's more, they even told him that tachycardias are not a risk factor, and they kept playing with their cell phones. According to the testimony of the pregnant woman, from time to time they yelled at her to be quiet, given her insistent complaints about the pain.

Time passed and passed. Up to 14 hours without being attended. After that time, the midwives finally took pity on her and took her to the delivery room. But Laura no longer had the strength to push, and the doctor and the nurses pulled the baby out of their arms. They broke an arm and a shoulder. And when they tried to get him out with very abrupt maneuvers, inside his belly, they caused him to suffocate. When taking it out, the newborn was in a coma. It was immediately tubed.

Laura Cáceres remembers everything with horror. The delivery was not only traumatic, it was also terribly humiliating. But worst of all, her baby almost died and that even today, five months later, he remains in a coma. What the midwives thought was 'unwarranted fear' or 'hype' from a new mother turned out to be real.

The case of Laura Cáceres helps us to reflect on dehumanization in some births and the low sensitivity of some people who treat pregnant women. Childbirth is such a special, important and dangerous moment that it needs expert and, above all, human attention. Many forget that at that moment the lives of two people are at stake. Complications can always occur. And it should also be a beautiful moment for the parents and the least traumatic possible for the newborn. But, In which cases can we speak of obstetric violence? In all of these:

- Unjustified caesarean sections.

- Performing an episiotomy for the convenience of the physician.

- Slowing of labor.

- Humiliation and bad words on the part of the people who attend the delivery.

- Denial of medical check-ups.

- Denial of drugs when needed.

- Break the membrane artificially.

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